plus: The lighting of this photo related to sun light which made it more nicer.

minus: The arrangement and placement of the garnish.

interesting: How the food is set out and looks fresh.

Plus: The background of the image looks neat and we chose it to be dark to show the Tacos looks beautiful.

Minus: We have put lot of lettuce in the image which made it bit messy.

Interesting: The sour cream is less amount on one of the Tacos to grab attention.

Plus: Nice color of the background which helps us to see how brownies is set up.

Minus: We have used Lot of icing sugar on top of the brownies.

Interesting: We have used tow different types of garnish to make look interesting.

Plus: How the ice sugar is all around the plate and on top of the brownies.

Minus: The plate color was too light to show the brownies look nice and yummy.

Interesting: The position of the lighting was good.

Plus: I like how the cheese looks melted on top of the burger.

Minus: How we have put the Aioli in one side and it didn't look good.

Interesting: How we have put the tooth pick inside the burger to make it stand.

Plus: The way that we took the photo as a close up shot.

Minus: We should have used a plate instead of chopping board to make it look nicer.

Interesting: The lighting was to bright which made it look good.

Plus: how we made all the food in different potions which made it beautiful.

Minus: We took the photo after the ice cream melted.

Interesting: We used a white plate to make it professional.

Plus: The lighting position is really good.

Minus: icing sugar is inside the caramel souse.

Interesting: How the ice sugar is all over the plate.

Plus: I like how different garnishes are inside the glass.

Minus: We should have put the glass on different background to look brighter.

Interesting: We have used the cake at the bottom of the glass to make it look yummy.

Plus: I liked the lighting that made the photo look shiny.

Minus: I should have taken the photo from far away to show the hole glass and plate.

Interesting: I love the mess of garnish that is around glass.

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