Double Victory edmond li and aaron cheung 1st period

Japanese Americans

"Forced from their homes yet still fought for the US"

How were they treated?

Japanese Americans were forced from their homes and into internment camps after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor

How did they respond to such treatment?

Japanese Americans mostly obeyed the US governments orders and left their homes to go into the internment camps. In the internment camps they developed their own newspapers and tried to maintain their normal lives.

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war (WWII)?

Many Japanese Americans served in the US military at the time. The 442nd Infantry regiment, which was mostly Japanese American soldiers, was the most decorated regiment in US history.

How did we react?

Although the Japanese Americans were forced to live in internment camps, many still joined the war on the side of the US. I think this shows incredible loyalty towards the US. They not only joined the war but was also the most decorated unit ever.

Native Americans

"Fight for our country"

How were they treated?

Americans resented and feel suspicious of Native Americans and bound them to their reservations. Some are rejected from the draft because they are poor.

How did they respond to such treatment?

They joined the war.

Did they contribute to the cause of the war (WWII)?

Native Americans provided natural resources when the United States needed them and fought on all fronts in the war. They received numerous awards after the war and some Native Americans are allowed to leave the reservation to live in the big city.

How did we react?

I thought the Native Americans would not join the war because of the grudge they may harbor against the settlers. It was pretty cool that many joined the war.


  • Both were treated lesser than whites.
  • Both participated in the U.S. military in World War ll.
  • Both were eventually recognized for their accomplishments.
  • Both forced into certain areas (internment camps and reservations).


  • Only Japanese Americans were forced to leave their homes because of the war.
  • Only the Japanese Americans were suspected of betraying the US.
  • Japanese Americans were awarded for their contributions to the war much later than the Native Americans.

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