Prairie Dog Population Zane de la Peña and Aidan Siefkes

Many resources like water and grasses caused the prairie dogs to slowly grow at first but then that slow growth is followed by exponential growth caused by an abundance of resources. Eventually the population reaches the carrying capacity for the area because of limited resources.
Many prairie dogs emigrate from their habitats because of the lack of resources once they reach the carrying capacity for the area.
Many prairie dogs immigrate into the population because this population has an abundance of resources and they come from a population with very limited resources.

With the abundance if resources comes an abundance of babies that caused the population to increase and caused the resources to decrease.

With the abundance of ferrets comes many more deaths for the prairie dogs.

A fire left burning at a campfire caused most of the forest to burn down and half the population to die. Many resources were also taken in the process. Also a devastating tornado took out all their homes and killed many prairie dogs causing the population to decrease.

A disease spread around a huge population causing the disease to spread faster causing many deaths in the process. Predation is also dependent on the population because the more prairie dogs there are, the more predators can kill them causing the population to decrease.


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