Word Study for Motif by grace carnevale, English 2 period 2, April 2017


Motif: (noun) a distinctive feature or dominant idea in an artistic or literary composition
Can be a recurring element in literary works, artistic works, or a piece of music.


Connotations: neutral

Synonyms: theme, pattern, concept

Antonyms: tangent

Word Analysis: root word "movere" meaning "move"

Etymology: 1848, from French motif "dominant idea, theme"

Related Words: subject matter, purpose

Word Picture: some restaurants have a tropical or western motif.



Created with images by kevin dooley - "Architectural flow" • qimono - "light bulbs chosen bulb" • jarmoluk - "library book britannica" • jarmoluk - "library book britannica" • chrismetcalfTV - "Repetition" • Pexels - "architecture art building" • Marco Nürnberger - "How to escape from a Ski Jump" • vitroid - "Spiral City" • Pexels - "architecture building glass" • LeoNeoBoy - "brick brick background stone pattern" • skeeze - "windows building pattern" • dorotheepaulus - "leaf multiplying tropical" • aischmidt - "horse shoe lucky western" • xxxfcuk - "rotate stairs spiral"

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