Open Gov Week 2019 Toolkit

  • WHEN: March 11-17, 2019
  • WHERE: OGP countries and local governments - or anywhere open government reformers are striving to make a difference.
  • WHO: Open government activists, civil servants, the private sector - everyone!
  • HOW: Attend an event, online or in person | Collaborate with other citizens and government | Engage with your government or local civil society organizations to address your concerns

Open Gov Week (OGW) is for all who believe that citizens should play a role in how government makes decisions. And, OGW is for all who know that making government open and accountable requires us to tear down the traditional boundaries that prevent too many from having a say. That is why for in 2019, we are asking all to include new voices in their planning.

From women’s rights organizations to local businesses to youth centers, people from all walks of life and across gender, race, religion, geography inviting all to take part in OGW will help make governments work better for everyone.

Join the conversation and add your perspective and ideas to seminars, hackathons, public debates, webinars, open dataset releases and other events planned by citizens, civil society and governments around the globe.


In 2019, OGP will be focusing on gender and inclusion as key priorities. During OGW we ask you to join us moving this commitment forward by inviting new voices into your open government conversations. We especially encourage you to consider inviting members from communities where voices can too easily go unheard, including women, indigenous people, persons with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Governments work better when all voices are included. More diverse ideas lead to innovative solutions, and when those solutions respond to the needs of the people, citizens trust in governments increases.

When planning your OGW activities consider:

  • Invite a women’s advocacy organization or network to participate in a discussion
  • Include youth organizations in your event planning
  • Involve traditionally marginalized communities by asking them to suggest topics and speakers and inviting them to co-organize or actively participate in your events
  • Provide transportation or other services needed to help people with disabilities or others travel and attend events
  • Ensure events are gender balanced, and that all are giving meaningful opportunities to speak
  • Add an extra chair to a panel discussion to encourage more diversity of voices
  • Think creatively and broadly about how to make the most open events


Look for an event near you! Go to www.opengovweek.org/map to find events on open government taking place in your own vicinity, whether it’s online or at specific location. Share an event you find interesting on social media to invite more people.

Check back at www.opengovweek.org to see new events added each week or #OpenGovWeek for the latest updates.


If you are a citizen who wants to advance open government in your community, city, or country, please consider organizing events and activities as part of this week of action. This event could include activities such as seminars, hackathons, public debates, webinars, and other events to get citizens, governments, and civil society organizations involved in open government efforts.

Go to www.opengovweek.org/submit-an-event and fill out the form to submit your event. Provide as much detail as possible about the activity and share with local partners and others to secure a broad audience. You can also share on social media using #OpenGovWeek.

In planning your events make sure to add in new voices, those who you may not have heard from before.


You can also join the thousands of people around the world participating in Open Gov Week through several social media platforms. Join the conversation via:

Thank you for sharing our messages for #OpenGovWeek. Your support to spread the word about this global call to action by posting to social media will continue to make governments more open, inclusive, and accountable around the world. We have included suggested social media posts below for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well as social media graphics to illustrate your messages.

OGW social media graphics


How can citizen movements improve the world? This year, invite new voices to participate in #OpenGovWeek and join other leaders, doers, and thinkers in discussing solutions and committing to real action in #OpenGov. Learn more at www.opengovweek.org. #CitizENGAGE

#OpenGovWeek starts March 11! Join thousands of citizens working with civil society, governments, and @opengovpart to openly debate and discuss #OpenGov and ways to make governments more inclusive. Learn more at www.opengovweek.org #CitizENGAGE

Excited to take part in #OpenGovWeek starting on March 11. Let’s unite citizens and governments in showcasing open, accountable and inclusive leadership. Visit www.opengovweek.org for more.

Citizens can strengthen #democracy around the world. Help guarantee basic civic and #humanrights by bringing your voice and inviting new partners to @Opengovpart’s #OpenGovWeek this March 11-17. Let’s create a global movement towards openness and inclusion!

I'm taking part in #OpenGovWeek because I believe the best way to make governments accountable and responsive is to take a seat at the table. Join me: www.opengovweek.org. #CitizENGAGE

We’re taking part in #OpenGovWeek because we believe including more diverse perspectives in the #OpenGov conversation will drive innovative and sustainable reform in #[CountryName]. #CitizENGAGE.

I'm taking part in #OpenGovWeek because I believe we need to create a culture of collaboration between citizens and governments. Governments work better when all voices are included. #CitizENGAGE www.opengovweek.org.

We're taking part in #OpenGovWeek because we believe that when citizens, civil society and govts collaborate, we can make our policies more inclusive and equitable. Learn more: www.opengovweek.org.


Great to see @OpenGovernmentPartnership announce #OpenGovWeek. On March 11-17 citizens, governments, and members of civil society around the world will come together in the name of #OpenGov to transform they way governments respond to the citizens they serve. Learn more about how you can advance #OpenGov in your city or country here by inviting new voices to the conversation: opengovweek.org

Get inspired. Get involved. Join the thousands of people around the world who want to strengthen #OpenGov in their communities, cities, and countries. This March 11-17, be a part of #OpenGovWeek and help us create more transparent, accountable, responsive, and inclusive governments. Learn more here: opengovweek.org

#OpenGovWeek is a unique opportunity for people like you and me to have an influence on how our government interacts with its citizens. I want a seat at the table to tell our leaders what matters most to me. Please sign up to take part. You can make a real impact. www.opengovweek.org.

Participation is fundamental to advancing #OpenGov. That's why we invite citizens, civil society, the private sector, and anyone else interested to join us for #OpenGovWeek March 11-17. This is a chance for people across the world to have their voices heard & lobby the government about what an open, inclusive, transparent and accountable government should look like. Join us: www.opengovweek.org.


#OpenGovWeek is a great opportunity for us to transform the way governments respond to their citizens. From March 11-17, encourage new voices to join the thousands of people around the world participating in the #OpenGov conversation. Help your government be more transparent, accountable, inclusive, and responsive. #OpenGov #CitizENGAGE

Get involved! This year, invite new voices to participate in #OpenGovWeek and join other leaders, doers, and thinkers in discussing solutions and committing to real action in #OpenGov. Learn more at www.opengovweek.org. #CitizENGAGE

Join #OpenGovWeek on March 11-17 to be part of the global #OpenGov movement to make governments more inclusive and responsive. Attend an event near you or host your own to advance transparency and build stronger, more resilient democracies.

There is tremendous potential to advance #OpenGov when citizens, governments and civil society come together. That's why we're excited to take part in #OpenGovWeek March 11-17. We can #RenewTrust in government, but only if we collaborate with each other. Join us: www.opengovweek.org.

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