Racial Profiling (This Isn't something to mess around with, many people come across racial Profiling.)

Their are many people who come across Racial Profiling. In 2011 the percentage of African American drivers who were pulled over by police was around 13%, for whites it was 10%, and for Hispanics it was also 10%. About 84 % of African Americans believed that the police had pulled them over for a legitimate reason, compared to 84% of whites and 74% of Hispanic drivers.

Many people had gathered together to stop the new racist anti-immigrant law that was introduced by Steve Drazkowski.

In this picture is is showing a teenage girl holding up a sign saying " Humans can't be Illegal Stop Arizona Law SB 1070". Which means that police could be able to check proof for citizenship they encountered who they might think is undocumented.

In this video it is showing many people stand outside of Mpls. Police Department for the killing of Terrance Franklin.

Many people had gathered for a man named Terrance Franklin who was shoot by police back in May 2014. Terrance had surrendered to the police but in the police's eyes all they saw was an African American man.

Many people are involved in Police Brutality. In the beginning of the video it is showing a man just sitting in his car not doing anything wrong, not breaking any law, not fighting with the policeman, until 2 minutes in the cop starts to escalate and put hands on the driver.


Created with images by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com - "Don't Shoot" • Daquella manera - "Lo marrón no es un crimen" • Fibonacci Blue - "Protest against immigration laws and a call to remove Fort Snelling" • Fibonacci Blue - "Protest against immigration laws and a call to remove Fort Snelling" • Fibonacci Blue - "Justice for Terrance rally in Minneapolis today" • Fibonacci Blue - "Rally to call for prosecution of police in the death of Terrance Franklin" • Fibonacci Blue - "Rally against police brutality"

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