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Lesley is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, has completed a Masters Pilates Program from The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, and most recently completed ‘The Work,’ a masters program taught by one of Joseph Pilates ‘Elders,’ Jay Grimes. Lesley teaches private Pilates sessions, duets and group classes in Los Angeles. She also teaches online Pilates classes and online private Pilates sessions, and leads Pilates retreats around the world.

Kaihalulu Beach Maui, Hawaii

Bodywork & Pilates Oceanfront Studio

Lesley's Beach Bungalow on Maui

Q:You’ve been successfully leading Pilates Workshops & Retreats around the world for several years now, in your experiences has anything changed for you as a Pilates teacher?

LL: Absolute Awe of what the human body can do. I have been blessed enough to watch retreaters who have never done Pilates before learn the method and do it every day for the length of a retreat and leave with what would have taken a client months if not years to understand. There is something epically unique about treating yourself to a Pilates retreat, a vacation, that allows the mind to relax and the body to connect and move that you cannot get anywhere else. As a teacher, seeing this has changed how I approach new clients and existing clients. Every session in person, online or on a retreat is designed to clear the mind of the day’s to-do’s and focus on just moving. Allowing both my client and I to be surprised by what could happen that day.

Q:You’ve chosen to lead a bunch of retreats in Cambodia. What brought you there in the first place and what keeps drawing you back there?

LL: My first trip to Cambodia was on my honeymoon. And, I can’t quite explain what it was, but within just a few minutes of being on a tuk tuk going down the main road to Siem Reap I knew my soul was home. There is a magic there that you cannot see. You can only feel. I knew I needed to go back and I picked it as my first retreat space. I continue to go back there because there is so much I still have yet to experience. And, I think its important to invite others to a place in this world they may not go and only see in magazines. The people in Siem Reap and all over Cambodia are the nicest people I have met in all my world travels. They smile from the inside out. I think in a time in our world where people feel alone and closed off going to a place like Cambodia you can’t help but feel loved.

Q:Your next retreat is in Maui, describe your attraction to the island?

LL: My first trip to Maui was last year for our first retreat and I had no idea what to expect. But, when I landed an was standing outside the airport feeling the wind across my face there is an energy, a pull on your heart strings. You can’t help but be in the moment. I was lucky enough to spend over a week in Maui for the retreat and some R&R and your body just takes on island time.

Island Girl
LL: My life can be very busy and full of calls and content to create and when you are in Maui you wake with the sun, your body feels the vibrations and you sleep so sound. It’s absolutely grounding. And, I think a trip to the island at least annually is necessary for us all. It’s a great practice for presentness. And, really allows you to know what it feels like when you go back home after retreat life.

Q:It will be your second Maui retreat, tell us about it…What are some of the unique features of this retreat and venue?

LL: First, this is the only retreat I host where we have access to a full on Pilates studio! All the equipment we need, designed as close to the source as we can and on the beach of Maui! You really cannot get more unique than that. I also love that retreaters can book their own accommodations and have friends and family join them on their Pilates Vacation! Most retreats anyone who comes with you has to pay for the full retreat. But something special about this retreat is that there is time set aside where retreaters can go off and explore the island on their own or with whomever traveled with them and they don’t need two retreat tickets. I also love how much Pilates is offered. Usually, just one class a day but this Maui retreat has sunrise and sunset mat classes, open studio time and two workshops! This retreat has two special workshops not ever had at previous retreats. I’ll be leading how to take your reformer practice to your mat practice. Great for when you travel and do not have access to a reformer. And, Arlene’s teaser workshop! The exercise that really challenges everyone who does it.

Outdoor sunrise and sunset mat classes, open studio time & two workshops in a fully equipped studio!
Retreaters book their own accommodations. This is the Wailea Inn, right next door to the Pilates studio.
LL: Some other special features I have to share is the food! Oh, my, the food! With our professional Chef on site and homemade kombucha this retreat is healthy and fabulous!
Home-brewed Kombucha, Water Kifer, and other probiotic beverages

Watching theSunset at the Farewell Dinner Banquet

Q:Who should join your retreat in Maui?

LL: Anyone looking to dive deeper into Pilates, learn Pilates for the first time or who simply wants to workout and lay on the beach! This retreat is perfect for all ages and all Pilates levels. Teachers to beginners you will leave from this Pilates vacation with wonderful nuggets of information that will change the way you move and up level your Pilates practice! Bring your friends and family and you can have your Pilates retreat and meet up with them during your free time. And, we also have meal tickets for non-retreaters so they can join you for the retreat meals.

Q:what would you say to someone who has never been on a Pilates retreat before and why they should they try it?

LL: Are you ready for a curated Vacation?! Seriously, a Pilates retreat with me means you just need to get yourself there. Arlene and myself take care of the rest. The schedule is ready for you, the meals are prepped and the Pilates awaits. You’re busy, you’ve got a ton on your plate, treat yourself to a long weekend doing Pilates, enjoying the sun and the treasures of Maui.

Try a Pilates retreat with me because you may surprise yourself with just how strong you are! Try it because what if you could come home from a vacation with a new workout practice instead of coming home thinking about all the workouts you need to do to make up for the indulgences of a vacation. Try a Pilates retreat because it’s time to do something new. Change is a good thing and someone else organizing the change is even better!


LL: That you can be your own Pilates teacher. That you can be the person who moves your body and that you are stronger than you know. My hope is that all retreaters gain the understanding that you don’t need an hour to do your Pilates practice. That you can do your full mat work in just 30 min! No matter how busy life gets Pilates doesn’t have to be what gets postponed until you “have time.” There is always time to connect to your body.

And, a bit of adventure. A moment where you meet your soul. Oh, I cannot wait to be in Maui!

Maui No Ka 'Oi

Mahalo Lesley!

Maui Retreat August 4-8, 2018

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