Happy Holidays From Ronald Mcdonald House new york

December 2019 | Issue XIV


2/8 - Volunteer Training Day

2/21 - Skate With The Greats

Our Volunteers are kind of a big deal...

Meet Jill Sharfstein, one of our very own Volunteer Greeters, who was recently recognized as NY1's New Yorker of the Week for her generosity to the House!

Thank You Guy M. Stewart Cancer Fund Inc.!

For three weekends in November the Guy M. Stewart Cancer Fund, Inc. partnered with our RMH-NY Volunteers to support the House by selling fun musical dancing stuffed toys at St. Josephs and St. Monica’s Churches in the city as well as Sacred Heart and St. Stephens in Brooklyn after services.

Thanks to all our Volunteers who helped out and to Barbara & Loretta and the Guy M. Stewart Cancer Fund for bringing smiles to so many children while also supporting our families.

Submitted by Helena Russo

Jamming with Jamie

The playroom was jamming on Tuesday, November 5th. Jamming with Jamie that is! What started out as a quiet acoustic sing-a-long soon became a full blown jam session as kids piled in after dinner.

There was dancing, funny puppets, and so many musical instruments. It was loud and it was fun! The parents watched as their kids got down and boogied under a parachute, and belted out tunes with Jamie and her friend.

Even Tosca, Tuesday night’s adorable therapy dog was there to watch the mini-concert and dance with all her little friends.

Submitted by Leslie Fradkin

Mountain of Flowers

The Tuesday night team pulled out all the stops. PVH served up a hearty meal complete with mini tarts for dessert! The night’s activity commenced with mountains of flowers ready for trimming and arranging. Families got creative with their lush decor.

They crafted bouquets that pop to bring back to their rooms or for accents around the house.

Another highpoint of the night was when Tosca the dog stopped by. Tosca was very excited to greet all of her friends and show off her impressive tricks. Her friends were happy to oblige with copious treats. Thanks PVH and Tosca, for a great night!

Submitted by Sarah Seehafer

Everyone Loves a Great Concert

The Thursday night team hosted a special event and brought in Daniel’s Music Foundation—a non-profit that provides music programs for people with disabilities. The group had a wonderful concert planned for us that included solos, duos, and dances. We listened to both well-known and original songs.

By the end of the show, the audience was involved playing to the beat with tambourines. Everyone had a blast enjoying the music and dancing along.

Before the music, Patek Philippe served a Thanksgiving feast, marking 3 weeks until the holiday!

Submitted By Andrea Boitnott

Tie Dye Explosions

On Friday, November 8th, the children headed to the playroom after a delicious meal to get their creative juices flowing, tie dye style.

Each child carefully -- and ok, some not so carefully -- placed dye, in the colors of their choice, on socks. The process of adding dye onto a once white sock to create vibrant creations had the children, staff and volunteers alike grinning as they attempted to dye their socks, without dying their hands.

Messy? Yes. Worth it? You bet!

Submitted by Coli Bacharach

Monkeying Around

The dining room was transformed into a jungle as the Scout team from Horizon Media set up for Monday night dinner.

Walking around there were too many stations to choose from! Fishing around a camp fire, friendship bracelets, ring toss, and corn hole enjoyed by all throughout the night.

Submitted by Aurora Brennan

It’s Showtime!

Wednesday Night dinner was served by a group of volunteers from RBC Capital Markets. After dinner there was cake for celebrating World Kindness Day. Once things calmed down in the dining room everyone headed to the living room where a group from Broadway Classroom was ready to sing and dance with everyone!

In the living room, the guests got to meet, sing and dance with current Broadway stars and have time to ask them any of their questions about being in a Broadway show.

There were group sing alongs and we even had a few brave kids give solo singing performances, one of which being Nadia singing “Shallow” which was clearly a crowd favorite!

Submitted by Kelly Quane

Superhero Night!

Monday night was dreary from all of the rain happening outside but that didn’t stop the fun from happening inside! Dinner was served by RBC Capital Markets and was delicious!

After dinner, the kids headed downstairs where they could participate in Superhero Night, put on by the Monday Night Team and of course our Monday Night French bulldog—Tugboat.

The kids were able to decorate their own superhero capes and masks with all sorts of decorations like fabric markers, glitter glue, feathers and gems! The creativity was flowing throughout the playroom. Safe to say, there were some really sweet looking Superhero’s roaming the house that night!

Submitted by Kelly Quane

Turkey Time

On the Monday of Thanksgiving Week the team decked out the Playroom with “Turkey-Crafts.” The kids enjoyed making a number of different Thanksgiving themed crafts and especially enjoyed the decorative feathers intended for the crafts, but rather used as tickling devices!

The children were in full holiday spirits, some shouting out turkey sounds such as “Gobble, Gobble” and others playing dress up in the various costumes found in the Playroom. Rainbow turkeys, feathered turkeys and ones that asked the families to write what they were most thankful for were created.

A surprise guest by the name of Tugboat arrived spreading lots of puppy kisses and love. And two children celebrated their birthdays with The House. Alex celebrated his fourth birthday, receiving a life sized Batman, which he shared with the kids and eventually moved on to building a zoo for all the animal figurines in the Playroom.

Submitted by Alyssa Ahern

RMH-NY Celebrates 40 Years

Thank you to those who attended and supported RMH-NY’s Annual Share A Night event, which was held in conjunction with our 40th Anniversary celebration. As always, it was one of the most special community engagement events that allowed us to open our doors to community members to learn more about the incredible work our organization does. It was truly an amazing evening shared between our community of supporters, families and staff.


A special thank you to our Communications Volunteer Team who attend all of these events to help capture our family and volunteer stories!