The Benefits of Mandatory Sports HOw Sports aid the health of students

Calvert County High School students often are discouraged from playing sports, resorting to a lazy lifestyle of going home on the bus and playing video games or watching tv.

Many student go home after school and spend their time on meaningless activities. Most of the time they do not partake in any physical activity.

If after school sports were required by school officials, then students would get the chance to participate in many different types of physical exercise, such as aerobic exercise.

Student athletes spend more time in the gym, trying to maintain a healthy physique for their sport.

Athletes also spend a lot of time stretching, preparing their body for competition.

Muscle Care and Development

Sports teach student athletes the importance of taking care of their muscles. Sports teams usually stretch before every game or practice

Aerobic Exercises

Sports consist of many different forms of Aerobic exercise that improves the lung capacity and blood flow of athletes
Officials of Calvert County should understand the importance of after school activities and make the necessary change in school, mandating student participation in sports.
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