boom to bust by megan morello

The economics in the 1920s had improved with new and innovative inventions; including the car. These inventions provided connivence and mobility to the average american.
Their were many new inventions that made the average Americans needs fulfilled, like the toaster to make food and breakfasts better and more convenience.
In the 1930s, their were many poor families after buildings and businesses were closed when no goods were sold, and workers were fired and laid off.
In the 1930s many families were very very poor, and fathers could not obtain money and keep their family happy with good food and money and a home.
Calvin Coolidge is meeting with a bunch of business owners, telling them that he is going to leave them alone.
the stock market crashed, leaving businesses to fail, people fleeing banks and losing jobs.
many women rebelled from tradition, and wore revealing clothes, revolutionizing a new women, of women being true to themselves not being held down by society.
women were very happy and had worn short skirts and clothes in the 1920s, and had all worn makeup and felt free for who they are, expressing themselves.
women had not been aloud to work in normal jobs any more as what men had done, and had to work at home with women jobs" having to work at homes.
women had their rights taken away, and had no jobs, or could not take away jobs from men, said they were not able to support their families like men could. The enthusiasm went down for women in the 30s, and many women rebelled.
during the 1920s, the african americans had started a new reveal of new cultures and artistic movements, shaping and revelutionising the african american culture.
In the 1930s, many clubs and speakeasies were popular, turning away from the horrid world, reliving stress and making people happier and more free having a fun time.

Narrative on 1920s and 1930s era continuity and change.

During the 1920's and 30's, their were may aspects of change and continuity. First and foremost, economics with business owners and industrialists had changed greatly, resulting in a change from good to bad. During the 20's, their were many new inventions that had helped the average american live and learn better solving their needs. The american industry had surged, and productivity increased as the economy strengthened. But during the 30’s, many workers had gotten fired and laid off from their jobs. People had become poor and couldn't support their families and keep their homes, and product demand had gone down. As the government had chosen not to be involved with businesses and industrialists in the 1920's, they had been left alone without control. But in the 30's, they had begun to get involved with the new deal, and taking actions to improve the lives families and make the businesses soar. The home life of many women was in a decline from the 1920's to the 30's-the 20's being an amazing time for women, prospering with a new generation and daring clothes and pursuing many aspects that broke tradition. Women had rights to have the same job as men, as many believed in equality. But this had all gone down when the 30's hit, the women rights enthusiasm dying down, and everyone had believed that women belong in a home, having them stealing men's jobs and not being able to support their families like men do. Women had struggled for the gain and equality during this era. The continuity of the women had still never changed, them always still fighting for rights. The leisure time of many american's had partial continuity throughout the 20's to the 30's. The twenties was the time of the Harlem renaissance, where African american culture was expressed, and new forms of art and music were created. This had shaped the culture for these people, and had a huge cultural reborn and happiness for the African Americans. This had mostly stayed the same for the 30's, and had still brought upon the lighthearted jazz and speakeasy clubs to relieve stress and turn away from racial prejudice.The Harlem renaissance light although had been dimmed, but had still gone to the goodness of the renaissance they once had. Overall, the 1920's and 30's was a time of continuity and change of all american's everywhere.


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