Paying Dedication Jack & Tyler

Should College Athletes be Paid?

Across the country controversy has risen. Should the athletes we see on TV be awarded for their dedication to their sport? Or should schools stick to the idea that education comes first before business and sports?

I believe college athletes should not be payed to play.

Why do I believe this...

Student-athletes are already granted with enough benefits as it is.

Not every student-athlete would have an equal payment or even any payment at all.

Schools already struggle financially.

Some may argue that...

College-athletes make more money for their school than they are given in scholarships.

However, universities should not function as a business. It is important for a school to stick to their main purpose, education.

Why College Athletes Should Be Payed

Athletes should be paid because of the demanding work schedule they are put through for most of the year.

The scholarships that athletes receive do not cover all of their expenses.

Student athletes generate massive amounts of money for their schools.

Although colleges do not function as a business, athletes do not have enough time to focus on getting a job to pay for extra expenses. Receiving a payment from colleges would help athletes keep their grades up and focus on sports without having to worry about financial problems.

Some may say that schools don't have enough money to pay their athletes. While this may be true with smaller schools, bigger schools with large athletic programs make a profit that could easily pay college athletes.

Players need to be rewarded for their hard work by not having to worry about financial issues while at school.

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