Time Management Self-Study Learning Objective Two

My Semester Plan
My 'Ideal Week Plan'
My Nitty-Gritty Daily Planner
Three Day Time Record



Today did not follow my plan well at all. I struggled with the feeling of exhaustion after a hard week at home. I felt as if I had to nap and that if I did not nap, I would not be able to make it through the day. Roughly 60% of my day was different from planned, which caused me to fall behind on some of the homework that I needed to get done. All throughout the day I had an extremely hard time focusing, and was emotionally drained.


Once again, I did not follow my plan today. I had to alter it in order to attempt to meet the needs of an upcoming deadline. I struggled studying for an upcoming exam and working on my CU 1010 portfolio. It was a much better day than yesterday, but still not as well as what I had hoped. I cannot stay up as late as I want to doing work because I am emotionally drained.


The first half of my day was pretty well on track with my schedule, but I had to alter the second half of my day. I had to finish preparation for my exam this evening and work on my portfolio which is due tomorrow. I had a successful day as far as completing work and am extremely happy with my performance. Although I was not able to follow my schedule or get everything caught up all in a day, I was able to accomplish a lot.

Time Spent in Each Quadrant

My Updated Weekly Plan


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