Students save lives through annual blood drive by Evi tarshis

All photos by Evi Tarshis '20

The Staples Key Club held their annual blood drive in the gymnasium on Thursday March 28.

The Red Cross transforms the Staple's gymnasium into a blood drive

The drive was orchestrated by the American Red Cross where dozens of students came to donate their blood between 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. In order to donate, students first had to pass a number of health requirements, including being at least 17 and weighing at least 110 lbs. Once approved, a collection technician from the Red Cross assisted students donate their blood.

Red Cross workers taking students through health exams (left and middle) before lying down to get their blood drawn (right)

Kermely Cruz, a phlebotomist for the Red Cross, has been helping with school blood drives for the past four years. “We always look forward to coming to Staples,” Cruz said. “The students are so generous, always eager to help our cause.”

Victoria Caiti ’20, the director of public relations for the Staples Key Club, has been running this blood drive for three years.

“Every year we host the Red Cross blood drive so people can come in and donate blood,” Caiti said. “This year we had a blood shortage from the Red Cross so we needed a lot more donors which is great because we have people walking in and people who made appointments.”

Members of the Key Club, (left to right) Serena Ye '20, Victoria Caiati '20 and Nicole Caiati '20 hosting the blood drive

This year, 29 students took time out of their day to donate blood. The result of their decision is 29 pints of blood that will be shipped out to hospitals and people who are in need.

Blood and test tubes collected by the Red Cross

Deniz Elden ’20 missed gym class to donate her blood. “It feels great to help people who need it,” Elden said.

Finalized box of blood ready to be sent out to those in need

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