My trip to Edinburg By simon-Pierre doucet

As a fan of the Middle-Age and Rennaissance I wanted to visit historical sites and buildings. I also wanted to discover the specifities about the Scotish culture. Let me tell you I was well deserved by visiting this part of the Old Continent.

Day 1 Leaving Montréal and going to Edinburg

On my first day, I went to the Pierre Trudeau International Airport with my flight ticket that cost me 450 $. My trip was taking place between April 16th and 26th. I leaved Montreal on 7h50 p.m. and I arrived in Edinburg on 2h20 p.m because of the jetlag we arrived technically four hours late. So when I arrived I decided to quickly find the High Street Hostel where I reserved a bed for the cheap price of 26,63$ for the whole stay. I could feel the building was kind of old . I asked how old this building is to the lady who showed me where my bed was. She answered me that it was built in 1564! After that, I visited the neighborhood around the hostel and I ate in a restaurant . The meal was a roasted Gartmorn chicken with herb Mayo and it cost me 5$ . What I really like about the hostel is that it was pretty close of every attraction.

Day 2 The visit to the most famous Palace in Scotland

On my second day, I took my breakfast at The Edinburgh Larder near the the High Street Hostel.I ate a porridge wich cost me 3,50$. While I was walking to the Palace of Holyrood I heard people speaking I was a bit confused by some words the common folks were saying like: bairn, bonnie, braw, muckle, kirk (I new that word since I know a bit of German) and so on. After I took my lunch at Café at the Palace and I took what is called the after-noon tea and it cost me 18,75$ to eat and have a delicious tea.Later, I talked to the lady that welcomed me. I asked her what these words meant. She answered me that bairn means child, bonnie means pretty, braw means fine, muckle means big and kirk means church.

The Queen's Gallery

I visited the famous Palace of Holyrood. I bought the Royal Tour ticket that includes the guided tour of the palace, the Queen's Gallery and the Garden History tour. I took that forfeit to just live the full experience of the palace and to have the chance to see the art exposed in the Queen's Gallery all that for the cost of 21,50 $. While the tour guide was speaking I noticed some words that I didn't knew before so sometimes I had to ask him to repeat what he said. An example of a word I didn't heard before was outwith wich meant "outside of". I remembered he said "outwith the palace there is the Royal Garden of Holyrood". The palace is 889 years old and was built by the king David the First and now it is the Queen's residence in Scotland. After those really interesting tours I ate again at The Edinburgh Larder and I ate a Creelers smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill and it cost me 5$.

Day 3 The Iconic Edinburgh Castle

Just like I did in almost everyday I ate at the same restaurant for my breakfast on 11 a.m. and I ate a yoghurt with home made granola for 3,5 dollars. Then I took my lunch after a bit of walking and talking with folks. I ate a pan roasted fillet of scottish salmon for 8,25 $ on noon.

Later on I went to the most famous castle in Edinburg the Castle of Edinburgh. This castle seemed so imposing ! Visiting it cost me 27,60 $ and the visit lasted 7 hours and a half. I got to admit that it was a bit long but so worth it. I learned tons of thing about the scotish monarchs and about the castle itself. After that I was really tired. I ate a beef sirloin for 23,50$ at Amber restaurant then I went directly to my bed.

Day 4 The magnificent Georgian House and the gorgeous Cathedral

On this day I remember I woke up a bit later than usual so I didn't took my breakfast. So I went to eat at a restaurant that was on the way to the Georgian House and I ate a a B.L.T sandwich for 7,5 $ at a restaurant called The Queen's Arms. I chose to visit the Georgian House because this house represent one of my favorite era, the Georgian era. And another advantage was that the visit was really cheap it was about 7,5 $

After this little visit I took around 20 minutes walking to the St Giles' Cathedral. I decided to visit this place because as far as I know religion was really important troughtout the Middle-Age so I decided to take a good two or three hour visiting the cathedral. The cathedral is gorgeous and it didn't cost me anything to enter the cathedral and visit it!

Edimburgh's patron... St Giles

After that visit I ate at a restaurant that it was on the way to the hostel. The restaurant was called The Rosehip. I ate an Haggis for 12,95$. A Haggis is a sheep paunch filled with offals like hearts and a kidneys.

A haggis
Day 5 visiting The Real Mary King's Close

That day I woke up a bit late than usual. I ate at the same restaurant and I ate a creelers flaked with fried eggs and hot salmon for 4,50 $ then I had a 5 minute walk to the "The Real Mary King's Close". It was an attraction that showcased the life of the people during the 17th century. The atmosphere was really nice because I felt like I was in the 17th century during the whole tour. Did you know that during those times the life expectancy was only 35 years old during that era? I learned about the history of the close where Mary King lived in. The tour cost me 14,75 $ and the visit lasted* for 1 hour. When I was done it was noone so I went to eat in a restaurant near the close. I ate a burger at the Burgers and Beers Grillhouse for 5$

The Camera Obscura

During my after-noon I walked to the "Camera Obscura & World of Ilusion". it costed* me 15 $ dollars and that place was so great. I learned so many things about Edinburgh's history and how a camera obscura works.It was stunning to see the whole city on a table! After the visit it was 2 hours and 30 minutes p.m. So after those 2 pretty exhausting visits I decided to visit the Royal Botanic Garden. it cost me 7,50 dollars to see multiples types of plants and it was very beautiful. After that I ate to a restaurant in the surroundings . I ate sushis at the Yes Sushi and it cost me 15$. After that I slept at the hostel.

Day 6 The Lauriston Castle

On my sixth day I went to the same restaurant and I ate a porridge for 3,50 $ then I walked to the Lauriston castle to arrive there at 2 hour p.m. I ate at a McDonald's on the way to the castle and it cost me 5$

I visited the Lauriston Castle to see one of the greatest collection of old objects. It cost me 5$. This castle was the smallest that I visited in Edinburgh. This castle had indeed a great collection of ancient furniture and paintings.

Afterward, I went back to eat at a restaurant near the hostel then I slept at the hostel. The restaurant was called "the dogs" and I ate a vegetarian haggis for 12,50$.

Day 7 The Yacht

On my seventh day I woke on 10 hour a.m. I ate at my usual restaurant and I ate fried eggs and I prepared my stuff to leave Ednburgh on 8 and a half p.m.

I walked in direction of the Royale Yacht Britannia. On my way I ate at a restaurant then I arrived to the huge boat. The tour took me the whole after-noon and it cost me 15.50 dollars. That boat was magnificient. Did you know that not only the Queen Elizabeth 2 went on that boat but also Nelson Mandela and even Gandhi? They also had a Lego replica of the yacht in the yacht. The replica is surprisingly faithful to the original Britannia.

After that day ate a sandwich at the airport and it cost me 5$ then I left the great city that was Edinburgh.

Goodbye Edinburgh...
Created By
Simon-pierre Doucet


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