Good Life Nature Activity Florida Museum of Natural History

NAture on Display

The massive skeleton of this prehistoric mammoth immediately caught my attention the second I walked in the door. Standing next to it, you really appreciate the size of this creature. The design of this exhibit was very simple, however still very effective. While the placards at the base of the exhibit provided all kinds of information to teach about the life of this ancient creature, the skeleton speaks for itself. The written information provided could be read in a book, but a book could never make you appreciate how real these now extinct creatures once were.

Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest was one of the most captivating things about my trip the the museum. You walk in through two sets of doors, designed to prevent any of the butterflies from leaving their sanctuary. Walking from the perfect air conditioning into the thick humidity of the exhibit is one of the first indicators that make you feel like you are a guest to the plants and animals within, rather than viewing them as a guest in a world dominated by humans. The rest of the museum is very similar. The nature within the exhibits goes about it's business while you pass through, doing nothing but watching and appreciating. I wasn't the only one who was in awe at the museum. I several families with small wide-eyed children using nature as a way to bring themselves closer. When you see the beauty nature is capable of beholding it instills in you an ethical duty to protect it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum not only displayed nature, it also displayed the way we humans interact with it. The exhibits with the Native Americans are a good reminder of how to use the land we live on efficiently and not excessively. These people let nature teach them, rather than imposing their lifestyle on the land. Making visits to museums like this one help us remember our connection to nature. Although society has developed to a point where you have to leave comfort to experience most of what nature has to offer, we can't forget that we were once just another creature who shared the land we call home.

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