Coyote Chronicles JANUARY 2019

Our Coyotes of the Month recipients

We officially rolled out our “Coyotes of the Month” program during our Showcase Volleyball game on Dec 19. Each month, we are recognizing 4 students - one from each grade who will be awarded Students of the Month, and one from each grade will be awarded Athletes of the Month.

Our Coyote Students of the Month (Sept - Nov)

  • Grade 8: Melisia de Veyrac (Sept), Nate Dufour (Oct), Haden Lovgren (Nov)
  • Grade 9: Erin Waddell (Sept), Ridley Chisholm (Oct), Emma Duncan (Nov)
Erin, Ridley, Emma, Haden and Nate (Melisia was absent)

They demonstrated our Coyote Values ~ respect, integrity, perseverance, growth; excellent effort/progress in their school studies; participated in school community efforts and showed leadership around the school.

Our Coyote Athletes of the Month (Sept - Nov)

  • Grade 8: Lindsay Evans (Sept), Taya McCarthy (Oct), Kendra Huttema (Nov)
  • Grade 9: Talia Stark (Sept), Landon McKechnie (Oct), Madison MacElheren (Nov)
Kendra, Talia, Taya, Landon, and Madison (Lindsay was absent)

They exemplified a positive attitude and enthusiasm for their sport both on and off the field/court; a commitment (toward practices, games and continued improvement); sportsmanship (respect coaches, officials, opponents, teammates); perseverance (overcoming challenges); toughness (both mental and physical); honesty (playing by rules, character); focus and discipline; and teamwork.

Coming Up Before SPRING BREAK

Ski Day @ Bear Mountain - Thurs, Jan 24 for interested students with Ms. Brown & Mr. McKechnie. Cost is $15 for lift ticket & bus or add $10 for rental.

NID - Jan 28. NO SCHOOL for students

X3 Exposure 8 Courses END Feb 1 and X4 Courses START Feb 4

Workplace & Career Seminars – Fri, Feb 8 afternoon. Stay tuned.

Assembly for ArtStarts Performance – Tues, Feb 12 morning. Details to follow.

Early Dismissal Days @ 2:00pm – Feb 13 & 14 with 51-minute blocks and an early lunch.

Parent Teacher Interviews – Feb 13 & 14. The format for our interviews will be drop- in. Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00pm and Thursday from 2:15 to 4:15pm.

STAT – Mon, Feb 18. NO SCHOOL

Trimester 2 Interim Reporting for Academics - Feb 1 to 15.

Pink Shirt Day ~ Anti-Bullying Awareness - Feb 27

X4 Exposure/Seminar 8 & T2 Option 9 Courses END – Fri, March 15

SPRING BREAK – March 18 to 28. NO SCHOOL

Trimester 2 Report Cards sent home ~ Early April

2018-2019 School Year Dates https://dcss.sd59.bc.ca/cc/node/39913

ERASE Bullying

The BC government's ERASE {expect respect & a safe educationBullying website has a new look! The reporting tool is for students to report an emergency situation (911), talk to a counselor if they need a confidential ear or to report bullying. There are sections about online safety, substance abuse, strategies for dealing with bullying, safe schools and more. Check out their website https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/erase for more info and and to familiarize yourself with the reporting tool. Our Pod teachers will be spending time in homeroom to introduce & review the website with students. Knowledge is power!

Ab Ed Open House Invitation

Come and join the Aboriginal Education team and Central teachers for some refreshments and treats.

  • When: January 23
  • Time: 3:00- 4:30PM
  • Welcome Room, Central Campus

Every student and parent that comes will get the chance to enter a draw to win a prize! There will be one parent and one student basket to put your name in for.

From your Aboriginal Education team: Kirsten Davies, Debbie Klemmer, Cynthia Percy, and Jackie Spurrell

Our Next Practice Drills

Our next Intruder Alert Drill is scheduled for Feb 11 and next Fire Alarm Drill is Feb 22.

ArtStarts Performance with Brendan McLeod

Tuesday, February 12 @ Central Campus from 9:30 to 10:30am. In the Blue Gym.


Parents/Guardians ~ feel Free to join us.

Coyote Athletics Update

There are 6 weeks left in the 2018-19 basketball season. Our three teams have had a fun season thus far, full of growth and some success. All three are playing this weekend; the Grade 9 teams are at the Bert Bowes tournament at NPSS, while our Grade 8 Boys are heading to Grande Prairie to play in PWA’s tournament.

Come catch all five DCSS Jr. Basketball teams in action next weekend (January 25-26) at our home tournament, co-hosted with Mountain Christian School. Games take place at South Peace and Bethel Church. Best of luck to all involved!

Our Grade 9 Team won 2nd place @ NPSS in FSJ on Jan 19. Congrats Team!

Don’t forget to stop by the office to purchase an Athlete’s Hoodie, available exclusively to student-athletes that participate on a school team! Submitted by Mr. Burge, Athletic Director

Trimester 1 Honor Roll

Grade 9: Honor Roll with Distinction (straight A’s)

  • Bailey, Adelle
  • Baran, Independence
  • Bondaroff, Rylie
  • Chisholm, Ridley
  • Dunbar, Dalaney
  • Gaucher, Kaylan
  • Knutson, Autumn
  • Lekstrom, Dylan
  • McDonald, Hannah
  • McKechnie, Landon
  • Richard, Emily
  • Rude, Jessica
  • Seinen, Kelsey
  • Smith, Kennedy
  • Spenner, Keaton
  • Switzer, Kira
  • Torgrimson, Bree

Grade 9: Honor Roll (A average)

  • Banagaso, Jan
  • Bedell, Macee
  • Borra, Krystal
  • Bowen, Tori
  • Brough, Lauren
  • Buchan, Tyson
  • Carpenter-Bloudoff, Ilyana
  • Chimusaru, Tamara
  • Cox, Kennedy
  • Crandall, Cole
  • Czaban, Koben
  • Dalsin, Austin
  • Do, Evan
  • Duong, Kaitlyn
  • Ebersbach, Vincent
  • Esselink, Victoria
  • Flowers, Chelsea
  • Fodor, Reka
  • Freeman, Emma
  • Fulton, T.J.
  • Giesbrecht, Tamara
  • Graff, Reece
  • Hansen, Logan
  • Harris, Taryn
  • Hawkins, Gwen
  • Hommy, Shayne
  • Hunsbedt, Ebony
  • Jalbert, Kayah
  • Kettner, Ian
  • MacElheren, Madison
  • Maming, Niel Aron
  • Mazanek, Colton
  • McKay, Daylon
  • McLean, Elizabeth
  • Pamittan, Christopher
  • Paquette, Dallas
  • Parslow, Kendal
  • Patterson, Casey
  • Pearson, Shaelynn
  • Pederson, Tyler
  • Penner, Cadence
  • Powell, Kamryn
  • Purnell, Ryder-Dayne
  • Ripley, Janice
  • Rudyk, Nigel
  • Schwertner, Rebecca
  • Shea, Adam
  • Shevkenek, Kennedy
  • Shuman, Brianna
  • Smith, Jared
  • Smith, Janie
  • Smithard, Kourtlynn
  • Sprinkle, Millar
  • Stark, Talia
  • Villamarin, Kaela
  • Waddell, Erin
  • Walker, Benjamin
  • Warncke, Aubree
  • Warner, Alix
  • Wilkinson, Keanne
  • Wilson, Jordyn
  • Zavaglia, Halle

Grade 8: Honor Roll with Distinction (straight A’s)

  • Adewole, David
  • Armstrong, Hailey
  • Calland, Gracie
  • DeVuyst, Jasmine
  • Dufour, Nate
  • Freeman, Carson
  • Steckly, Addison

Grade 8: Honor Roll (A average)

  • Asuncion, Jaypee
  • Asuncion, Jayvee
  • Aven, Makenna
  • Benito, TJ
  • Benterud, Elizabeth
  • Bond, Tamsen
  • Bowles, Jennifer
  • Collins, Kendall
  • Cork, Simon
  • Critcher, Jolene
  • Crook, Chyna
  • Czaban, Persephone
  • Delisi, Ben
  • Dimapilis, Pauline
  • Dizon, Shanna Mae
  • Esau, Kendall
  • Escarez, Paul
  • Evans, Lindsay
  • Fabon, Shane
  • Gitscheff, Morgan
  • Gunter, Byron
  • Hamilton, Jesse
  • Haugen, Kate
  • Heartt, Trinity
  • Hiebert, Dana
  • Hilario, Kirstine
  • Holloway, Andrew
  • Humborstad, Curtis
  • Hutchings, Joey
  • Huttema, Kendra
  • Kassen, Stone
  • Knott, Hailey
  • Kulak, Rylan
  • Lawrence, Kain
  • Lovgren, Haden
  • Mattson, Brooklyn
  • McCarthy, Taya
  • McClarty, Jared
  • Moritz, Isla
  • Moser, Ethan
  • Mracek, Sheldon
  • Myers, Kamryn
  • Myers, Ayden
  • Ness, Skylar
  • Neufeld, Daniel
  • Nobbs, Sky
  • Palfi, Kameryn
  • Philbrook, Brian
  • Pulido, John
  • Quillope, Shania
  • Ross, Declan
  • Smith, Aaron
  • Swejda, Tennyson
  • Villamarin, Yasmin
  • Vipond, Sydney
  • Webster, Charity
  • Whyte, Breanna
  • Wry, Triston
  • Yakabuski, Payge
  • Yerbury, Phoenix
  • Zurrer, Jocelyn

147 students (39% of Central) made it on the Honor Roll for Trimester 1. Fantastic!

Stay tuned for Honor Roll Certificates coming home later this month. Ms. Lindstrom will visit Pod classes to hand out Certificates and applaud their efforts.

Congratulations !

Welcome to our newest Teacher

Our last teaching position has been filled for our 9C English classes and three Exposure 8/Option 9 blocks. Yvette Hanson-Bailey, who comes from the Kootneys and originally from Jamaica, started @ Central Campus on Monday, January 7.

OLD LOOK NO LONGER! Since December, our Blue Gym has been getting an updated paint job ~ our new colors, burgundy & teal blue, along with our new Coyote logo will be done. This includes the walls, doors and bleachers. Stay tuned for the new reveal! Our black gym finished its' update in November.
Central Campus supported 7 families for the Christmas holidays. Thank you Coyotes!

Coyote Sightings

Life around the Campus before Winter Holidays!
NEW CENTRAL CAMPUS WEAR available for sale. $20 T-shirts and $40 for Hoodies.
Our Mission ~ Our Why
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Diana Lindstrom


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