Stop Animal Abuse by: Brian Borowski & Ejulius Colon

Our Social Media Project

  • Our Social Media Project is about raising awareness for Animal Abuse
  • The reason why we choose this is because we love animals and we can't stand when we see videos on Social Media of people abusing animals.
  • We also want to stop it because animals derserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

Our Goals

  • Our goal was to raise awareness for animal abuse and to have people that need a best friend to adopt a pet.
  • We feel like we didn't really accomplish our goal because we didn't get any retweets or shares on Facebook/Twitter.

What would we do differently?

  • We would follow more people on Social Media and Communicate with people in person.

Did this project help our Digital Portfolio?

  • We feel like this project helped our Digital Footprint because if people look us up on google. They'll see that we tried to raise awareness for a huge cause.
Created By
Brian Borowski


Created with images by Jupri - "dog cat snow"

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