What to know so you can "Grind Through" -Anthony Lakin

BCMS Principals and Asistants

They're the bests
We inspire Ford
GO Mustangs!!

BCMS Mustangs Sports

BCMS Cheerleaders, show our school spirit.

Cross Country, the shortest distance you run is a mile.

Boys Football, 1-5 but still had fun

Boys Basketball

We take no "L's"
Basketball Coaches
25 years of Grinding

Lockers next to the art and music classes.

Colab lab

Get Collaborative

Lunch room, get your eating on!

Make sure to buy some cookies

Very good


Fitness Room, making all kinds of gains in there.

Trash can

where all the cooking happens.

Math Hall
Science Hall
Tech Hall
Popular Rooms

Most essential technology at BCMS


Very detailed, but very simple

Powered by Google and all it has to offer.

Typing is a must so better be practicing.

Not a search, its a browser.

Google Chromebook

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