What is ISIS? By Kenneth

Imagine yourself at war. Guns are firing everywhere. You duck even lower as a bullet whizzes by your head. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your leg. You look down and you see blood soaking into your pants and shoe. You then think to yourself, why did I even want to do this? Then you think, “oh yeah, I was scared they were going to kill me and I was also muslim too! Then you think to yourself, this was not worth it”. As a bullet buries itself inside your heart. You fall to the ground, dead.

ISIS’ goal is to try and scare people and make them convert to Islam. First of all ISIS is a terrorist group that claims territory and that territory becomes their base. They are a muslim group and are very vicious. They scare people in a very extreme way. Their other goal or the one they are trying to get to is getting their own territory to enforce muslim beliefs. They also use social media and video them being very brutal. This is important because a lot of people use social media and that is where some people go everyday and as a result people look at ISIS’ posts everyday. Another example of scaring people is when they killed James Foley, an American reporter. They captured him and then he was beheaded. This shows that ISIS wants to scare people. Since people are scared, they join ISIS. That is how ISIS has grown and how it has gotten more powerful.

ISIS is a ruthless and hateful organization. They target anyone who is not on their side or who are fighting against them. For example the bombing at Brussels airport. They found that the belgian army did not have that good security, but are still fighting with other countries to eliminate ISIS. So this area was very vulnerable target.

ISIS is also target other types of muslims, when they do that it can result in a whole city being blown up, or just an assassination attempt. We don’t know where ISIS is going to attack next, so we have to be on guard.

Al-Baghdadi is the current leader of ISIS. When he was a teenager he was very quiet. According to his schoolmates, “when Baghdadi was small, he was a very quiet person and did not talk that much.” Therefore, people did not think he was planning something. When he was a young man he then said prayers for mosques and was still unnoticed. Who knew that he was a bad person the whole time and had plots. Some articles say that he was poisoned by an assassin, a person who is paid to kill people. It looks like he is in critical condition, so he may not stay as a leader for long. Since he was so religious, he then became the leader of ISIS. After all ISIS’ goal is to make everyone in the world become muslim. He is still their current leader.

The way ISIS gets bigger and more powerful is by getting more people. How do they do it? They do it by recruiting. There are different ways ISIS recruits people. One way is when there are muslim gangs. The muslim community is bonded very tightly. The muslim gangs show power to youngsters and are the influence for them. This is not good because the young people think that they are good, but actually they are brainwashing them and telling them that doing wrong is right. They also tell them that violence is the right thing. After a while the young people think that the wrong is right and then they want to join ISIS. The muslim gangs have connections with ISIS. We are not sure what the recruiting process is, but we know how they get the recruits. I think that the way they do this is really bad and is showing a bad influence. This is not good because society needs good people and what they are creating right now is an example of bad people.

ISIS is muslim and everyone should respect that. After all this is a free world and people can believe. But ISIS is the total opposite of what is right. It is not worth risking your life and fighting with someone that is bad. When in a bad situation don’t turn towards evil, instead turn to get even better.

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