Two Two Faced Faces By: Charles Balisalisa

Lemme just say that nothing annoys me more than fake people. Well actually, absolute bastards are pretty up there too. But both of them combined? Boy! I hate them. I really do. My first encounter with these kinds of morons came from where I love to be in the most, which is band. (Now how ironic is that?) They were two upperclassmen during my freshman and sophomore year. They were some goddam pieces of work. They really were. The worst part about it? I considered them as friends.

I didn't really get to know these two my freshman year, and I'm glad I didn't. But it was my sophomore year when they did their dirty work and I'm telling you, it wasn't pretty for me, for my friends, or for anyone in the band. Here's my story: there's a leadership position in the band I tried out for my sophomore year and I wanted it real bad. Like real, real bad. But I didn't get it. And for christ sake, I was sad. Pretty lousy really. Just about to bawl. Everyone who lost felt the same, though. The two who were picked were my best friend and one of the fake morons. The other moron tried out too but was cut like the rest of us. Then, I made possibly the two worst mistakes of my life at the time. Number 1? I befriended those two morons. Number 2? I trusted them.

As the year went one, I started to like them more, started being more buddy-buddy. And then that's when I started to feel comfortable enough to start trash talking. Now I'll admit, I'm not a perfect little angel, but I usually don't trash talk. But hanging around these two influenced me to trash talk with them more and more. Most of it was directed towards my best friend, as crappy as that sounds. I'm not a perfect little angel. But I thought that since I was with good pals that it wouldn't get out.

Boy was I wrong.

I didn't find out until recently the crappy stuff they did. They would talk trash with me about my best friend, but afterwards, they would talk trash with my best friend about me and also tell her the things I've said about her, not including them.

Needless to say this caused many many many unwanted problems. My best friend wouldn't so much as look at me for christ sake. My self confidence became crap, I became more angry at basically everything, and it was basically my worst year of school ever.

Now, I'm not perfect little angel. I'm really not. I was also two faced and fake back then. But honestly, I'm glad I got that experience because now I know how much it sucks to be a goddam fake. Why would you be all pals with someone and then talk trash about them behind their backs? It causes drama, if ruins friendships, destroys self-esteems, and kills everything. If you ask me, that's probably the worst thing you can do to someone for christ sake. It drives me crazy.

If you don't like me, that's fine I can take it. But don't act like my friend to my face and then act like my enemy behind my back. That's really goddam annoying.

Nothing annoys me more than fake people.

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