Challenges of Youth: 2018 Event drew more than 200 educators, community members, and government organizations to address challenges youth face, from trauma to social media bullying and more

SCOE co-hosted a conference on April 12 meant to address the myriad challenges faced by local youth in an ever-changing world. The first-ever event helped the more than 200 educators, nonprofits, and government organizations in attendance prepare children to navigate challenges from cyber-bullying, to gang violence, to suicide prevention, to fire-related trauma.

The packed room laughs as Christian Moore demonstrates how inequity affects a child's ability to succeed with a game of basketball.

Keynote Speaker Christian Moore, internationally renowned social worker, author of The Resilience Breakthrough, and creator of the WhyTry Program, gave an inspiring presentation in which he shared tools for fostering resilience in students. Sharing his own compelling story of growing through hardship, Mr. Moore told the audience that fostering resilience in today's youth is key to creating an equitable society.

"Resilience is the ability to bounce back when you have every reason to shut down, but instead you fight on," he said. "Resilience is 'how can I use this pain, this struggle to be kinder to my children, to be a better human being.'"

The event was co-sponsored by the Sonoma County Department of Health Services, Youth Connections, and the Santa Rosa Violence Prevention Partnership.

Brian Farragher of the Hanna Boys Center and Stephen Jackson of the Sonoma County Office of Education talk about trauma-informed teaching.

Breakout sessions featured local experts in public safety, education, public health, and more. Topics included: Trauma-informed Instruction and Care; Suicide Prevention Resources for Youth; Violence Prevention Strategies; and Keeping Youth Safe in the Cyberbullying & Social Media Era.

Dr. Steve Herrington, Sonoma County Superintendent
“Today’s youths must navigate an incredibly complex and challenging world,” said Steve Herrington, Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools. “This conference represented educators, nonprofit workers, and government employees coming together to form networks and share best practices to ensure that children don’t fall through the cracks.”
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Jamie Hansen


Photos by Jamie Hansen and Kristen Johnson, Sonoma County Office of Education

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