My Dream Holiday by Cruz McKee

My Dream holiday would a leisure holiday to Tahiti & canada.
Canada, The main thing to do in canada is snow sports, there is a wide range of things to do there. you can snowboard, ski ,tobogan. the runs spread over a wide ranges of levels there are runs for the professionals all the way down learning how to ski. canada has the best snow in the whole world and the longest runs in the world.
Tahiti has one of the most tranquil and beautiful outsets in the whole world, they have many different leisure activities you can do, you can go surfing one of the most crazy waves in the world or go to beautiful waterfalls on the mainland. For anyone looking for a lifetime experience this is the holiday for you. Although if you want a private villa like this it normally comes to $80,000.
Flights, If you can afford a first class experience Emirates is the way to travel with the most fancy airline on the market. You also need to be over the age of 16 to travel in business class. but for a more affordable trip qantas is the way to go. Canada Flight, 2:40 PM – 9:15 PM Qantas, American 25h 35m SYD–Vancouver (Canada) 1 stop 5h 35m $2,250 round trip. The delta hotel will provide a shuttle straight to the hotel. TAHITI flight, 10:30 AM – 10:40 PM-1 Qantas, Air Tahiti Nui 9h 10m SYD–PPT 1 stop 1h 15m AKL $1,839 round trip. The hotel should provide a shuttle to the hotel.
Accomodation, This is one of the best hotels in Tahiti, For one of those private villas is very expensive but well worth your money for up to 14 days for $80,000 these villas sleep up to five people with a 5 star experience, if you are looking for something cheaper the villas on land is the pick of the bunch it may not be as beautiful but can sleep up to 5 people as well, with a 4 star experience.
Canada Accomodation, These are the Delta Hotels Whistler Village Suites, this is the hotel to go to at only $333 per night, the hotel is right on the snow with saunas, hot tubs, bars. With breakfast included. A 4.4 star lodge for the whole family, and right in front of the lifts. The hotel has a shuttle to get you to and from the airport.


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