James Karales Khadija Shirwa

where is the artist from? Grew up? Time period?

James Karales was born on July 15, 1930, in Canton, Ohio. He died on April 1, 2002 due to cancer. His parents were Greek immigrants. He graduated from University of Ohio and became a photographer. At first he wanted to be an electrical engineer. He worked as an assistant for Eugene W Smith who was also a photographer.

What happened in their life that was significant? Memorable? An event that stands out?

James Karales Began working for look magazine. His work was mainly about the civil right movement and the Vietnam war. His photos were powerful and had meaning behind them. He took pictures of the march from Alabama to Montgomery.

Overall meaning of their artwork?

James Karales's art work was to show the emotion and struggle that was going on during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. His photos showed emotion and was powerful. They showed how people felt during these times. He helped people be heard and captured moments that will be remembered forever.

Summarize the impact of the artist and his/her work on society? or art in general?

The pictures that James Karales took during the Civil Rights Movement became legendary and iconic. It showed how people felt and were powerful. His pictures were poetic and powerful.

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