After some deep thought on the themes of truth, love and connection, I decided to create a collection with as much passion as I could muster. A few of the pieces in this new collection are still in the works and will be unveiled soon. For now, here is a little taste of what they look like below. As you will see, I have been experimenting with video editing apps too :-)

I believe I also mentioned in January’s newsletter that I will be exploring new ways of using technology in future work. This has already started with the introduction of ‘symbols’ in my work which are hidden in plain sight. The purpose of these symbols will soon be revealed and the technological connection will become clear.


Good news! I am now a fully-fledged member of a new programme called WebinArt and I am so grateful for being selected. WebinArt is a one year professional development programme helping artists and creatives In Leicestershire get to that next level.

I have already met a large number of WebinArt members in our first of many creative meet-ups where we chatted about what we are up to and gave each other tips and advice. We have attended a funding workshop that explained how we can access what we need to continue the work we do and a meeting with my new mentor has been booked in for later this month. I am so excited about this programme and just know it will lead to great things in future giving us the knowledge and tools to thrive in the creative industry.


After the recent funding seminar with my new WebinArt cohort, I have realised that the platform Patreon may be able to help me in the continuance of my work and my art practice.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that utilises patrons (fans of your work) to fund the continuance your work in future, for this I will provide something in return. For example, behind the scenes video content, photos or artistic videos like below, free prints, discounts on original work, insights and talks about my work and more. I have not really decided what I am going to offer just yet but I am planning how this will work so I can open my Patreon page soon and give fans of my work a real idea of what it is like to be an artist and why I create the work I do.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to the WebinArt team for selecting me for the programme and thanks to everyone who continues to support me going forward by liking my images on social media and sharing my content. The support from fans and collaborators is what makes it all worthwhile and motivates me to continue creating work I feel is important, finding my voice as an artist and sending my message to the world through my art.

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Ricky Joyce

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