Through The Looking Glass “A tale begun in other days, When summer suns were glowing, A simple chime that served to time, The rhythm of our rowing, Whose echoes live in memory yet, Though envious years would say forget” Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

As a street photographer I guess I’m a voyeur too, seeking and seeing those moments in time, the beautiful ordinary magic of the cities I wander. Sometimes I take the shot, sometimes I don’t, being at times content just to have witnessed some small kindness or expression of love and tenderness in the huge human-ness of a megalopolis like Tokyo. Many of my shots remain only in my memory and the longer I shoot the streets the more I realize that I am part of the story not apart from it!


As I look thorough the windows of cafes and other emporiums and see the people there doing whatever it is they’re doing in their own space I sometimes wonder “ am I invading or am I creating a millisecond of intimacy and contact among the vast populous of the city” This consideration goes with me wherever I go as we move through a time where the nature of Street Photography often comes under the microscope of public debate and opinion.


It’s an ongoing question and one I have yet to answer it’s probable that it changes every time I go out to shoot! Little is fixed for me as a photographer, to grow and find new ideas is the challenge.

Love In The Time Of Corona(Funabashi)

This series has grown over the last couple of visits to Tokyo and that is often the way for me; I shoot without too much thought or analysis as I shoot but then in editing I see the genesis of themes and from them the series that seem come from my subconscious to street level!

Little did I know when I was shooting these shots that I would be the one behind the glass looking out during this pandemic that has put us all truly through the looking glass. Be of good heart and take courage my friends, we know now more than ever that connection is one the most vital elements of all human life…

Gerri McLaughlin

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Gerri McLaughlin


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