My happy life home

For me, in a Happy Life Home, it have essentially a futurist television that can talk with the human, a robot home cleaning for not doing the household tasks in the house and relax during this time. To, I would like to have an automatically cook robot that's program to cooking when I click on a button.

A future tv touch

I would, in my happy life home, have a future tv that can says hello the morning before the lunch and respond at all your questions exemple: what time is it, what kind of clothing I am suppose to carry or how many restaurent serve Chinise dish in the country.

Robot cleaning

I would like to had a robot home cleaning that can passed everywhere in the home and everywhere in the smalls placed that can be useful for welcome friends or family. To, when I want to call the 911, the robot will stop its work and will automatically bringing the police or the ambulance depending on the situation.

The automatically cook robot

I would like to have an automatically cook robot, because, when I am really hungry, I would like to click on a button that will automatically does the dish that I want to eat. To, I would like that, when I want something that doesn't exist in the countrie, it will automatically import the dish in the countrie.

Finally, for me, that things are important in a Happy Life Home. 260 words

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