The story about Theseus and the Minotaur By SAm Malesker

It all started out when Crete was being ruled by a very scary and powerful minotaur
Theseus though the Minotaur could be no problem, so he thought that he could save Crete and kill the scary Monotaur
Theseus had to go a long ways worth of maze to find the monotaur.
SO the princess of Crete gave him a ball of yarn to help him find his way out if he got lost in the deep maze.
Theseus's dad told him to change the sail to Fuchsia and turquoise if he made it back alive, but Theseus said "How about if I make it white, it will be easier."
So, Theseus set sail to fight the minotaur!
Theseus got through the maze while using the yarn to help him get through if he got lost if he got lost.
Theseus then finally got to the minotaur, the princess told him his real name, Athens, and he did not like humans calling him that.
The fight was intense, but theseus got a hold of the Minotaur's horn, and he stabbed him right in the gut! The minotaur fell to his fate!
Theseus and the boat crew had a party while they were sailing back, but they were having just a little too much fun...
Theseus forgot to turn the sail boat sail white, and everyone in the town of Crete was very upset, his dad was so heartbroken, he threw himself off the top floor of the tallest tower! D:
It wasn't a very happy ending for Theseus and his father, but the town was very happy! And the Minotaur was slain! The end.


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