Ryan Canty

I love skateboarding and would like to spread the stokage through photographs
Dank Light Writing with long exposure and fast shutter speed
direct diffused light
diffused light

Contest Photographs

This photo shows a pattern of repetitious objects in its comostition

This image's content evokes the strong way in which art ties us closer to nature

Direct lighting on this woman's face

The major compositional element in this photo is depth

At the Archie Brae

Rule of thirds

Complementary color

Centered Compostition
Collaborative poem

Photos by William Eggleston

Eggleston, William. Untitled. Foundation Cartier, 2001. egglestontrust.com. Web. 12/2/16 In this photo Eggleston leaves lots of mystery. A gun is left at random and what appears to be a shoe. It lets the viewers imagination run wild about what may be happening in the time of the photo. A sense of balance is portrayed by the splitting of the photo into two and pattern of the shadows. The color of the carpet also adds to the aesthetic experience with the red on brown.
Eggleston, William. Untitled. Foundation Cartier, 2001. egglestontrust.com. Web. 12/2/16 This photo is similar to the first as it leaves out a specific location and leaves mystery. The color of the blue plastic on the red of the fish provides a nice sense of color. Looking at the picture really makes you wonder about where it is and what is happening. It makes you feel sympathetic for the the dead fishes lost in wherever this photograph was taken.
Eggleston, William. Untitled. Scalo in collaboration with Museum Ludwig, 2003. egglestontrust.com. Web. 12/2/16 Mystery seems to be a very trending topic in regards to eggleston’s work. Who could this be? What is happening? Where are they? You may ask. The attention to detail really catches the eye, with the ring, tattoo, shirt pattern, watch, and background. The sunlight in this photo also evokes a sense of warmth along with the burgundy skirt the woman is wearing. Overall this picture makes you feel warm and curious inside.
Eggleston, William. Untitled. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1994. egglestontrust.com. Web. 12/2/16 Eggleston’s interest in the decisive moment can be displayed in this picture. It appears as if this was taken while he was just driving by, which must have taken a great deal of skill. The road brings your attention to the subject which is the dog, then to the man on the motorcycle, and finally the mirror. Again this photo leaves mystery and feeling sad for the dog left in the middle of the street.
Eggleston, William. Untitled. Foundation Cartier, 2001. egglestontrust.com. Web. 12/2/16 This seems to be the image that displays the most mystery and confusion. The lines of the wall are contrasted by the organic curves of the plant, along with the color which shifts from green to red. This leaves you with the classic man vs machine kinds of feelings. Also it allows you to feel the depletion of nature as the plant appears to be inside of a store or a similar place.

Mimicking Eggleston's style

Analogous color

I like to find inspiration in the simple things in life. My favorite thing about photography is how every photograph holds a memory.

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