My Experience at the Harn John Foster

Join me as we analyze my time at the Harn Museum

The above sculptures are found in the asian exhibit. The sculpture on the right was one of my favorites in the whole museum. I feel that the picture doesn't do its grandeur any justice. The detail in person is nothing compared to that in picture. This specific artwork made me feel at ease and made me think about my faith.
The Harn's Zen Garden was undoubtedly my favorite exhibit. Personally, I consider myself a nature person. I'm content when I'm in my own individual space and this garden made me feel at ease. It was calming and the use of space conveyed a sense of simplicity to me.
Two of my core values in life are humility and simplicity, but I feel as though they can be used almost interchangeably. Monet's above piece just reminded me of a simple and humble life, like that of a farmer. I appreciate a farming lifestyle as these people are usually happy. Their lives aren't clouded by modern technology and social media. One could say they life the good life, and that's what this piece helped to resonate in me.
Now this picture may not be the best, but if one looks at the artwork, one can see what seems to be a group of girls with coffee grains outside a house. This directly relates to the good life theme of sharing. These women seem to be sharing and seeing as it was painted by a latin artist, it makes me think of latin culture. Latins are usually very warm and inviting people that like to be social. Most of my friends are latin and I feel there genuine want to share with me, whether if it's their thoughts, materials, or anything else. As most of us have probably heard, "sharing is caring."
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