The GCS Residential Incentive Program an INITIATIVE to help fuel residential growth in historically underutilized business zones

The GCS Residential Incentive Program was created to help our employees find living spaces in historically underutilized business zones (HUBZone). These geographic areas have been identified by the SBA (Small Business Association) as parts of the country that are currently or are soon to become a part of economic ascension.

Our worksites are located throughout the U.S. and they are normally HUBZones located within reasonable commute for our employees.

The benefit of living in one of these geographic areas, aside from the economic upswing that is normally attached to it, is the GCS Residential Incentive Program. We financially incentivize full-time employees for the lease or purchase of a residence within a qualified* HUBZone.

*This incentive applies to residence that are indentified as Qualified HUBZones. Redesignated area's do not qualify for this program.

Photo: Herman Park in Houston, TX is a favorite destination for all ages and is located within walking and biking distance of HUBZone areas.

GCS offers a signing/retention bonus of $2,500 for newly hired employees that currently live in or move into a qualified HUBZone within the first year of employment. This also applies to current, non-HUBZone residing employees that choose to move into one.

Photo: Huntsville, AL located in the Tennessee River valley. This "big" little city offer something for everyone and there are HUBZones sprinkled throughout the area. Family fun, nightlife, the great outdoors and more. The Marshall Spaceflight Center is home to our ESSCA contract and is NASA’s center of excellence for spacecraft and rocket propulsion.

Those employees choosing to rent or lease a resident within a qualified HUBZone, qualify for a annual cash bonus of $1,500. This applies to newly signed or renewed rental/leasing agreements.

Photo: Las Cruses, NM offers a variety of HUBZone options and is home to the NASA White Sands Test Facility. GCS employees participate in the maintenance and operation of several test stands and the high altitude simulation system used for testing Space Shuttle, DOD and commercial rocket engines.

For those who have a preference for more permanent housing, there is the home purchasing option of the Residential Incentive Program. A loan up to $7,500 can be made available to employees that purchase a home in a HUBZone. And that's not all...this loan can be forgivable! For every year of employment with GCS you complete, $1,000 is forgiven!

Photo: Colorado Springs, home to Schriever Airforce Base and our IRES contract supporting the U.S. Airforce and the Department of Defense.

To check if your current or future residence resides in a qualified HUBZone, please click the "HUBZone Map Tool" button below and inter you address into the search bar.

We know that your child's education is important to you. Please use the HAR button to find out more information about the schools near residential locations that interest you.

When searching for a location for your family's home, information about the crime rate is one of the most researched pieces of data most people gather. Click on the ADT Crime Data button below to inquire about a residential location you're interested in.

Click on the buttons below to search for residential properties that are located on qualified HUBZones.

For more information about the GCS Residential Incentive Program please contact our Human Resources Department at 713-649-8481 ext 104.


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