Beyond the Election A resource on dialogue and activism

Welcome to Beyond the Election.

A resource designed to help you discern how to engage in dialogue and activism beyond this election season.

(Please note this reflection is intended to be nonpartisan and was written prior to election day).

Beyond the Election will take you through 2 modules that invite you into personal reflection and discernment around how to engage in dialogue, and how to take the experience of engaging in this election season into your everyday life. Each module will include pieces of content or information, as well as opportunities for personal prayer and reflection. At the end of each module, as well as listed below, we will provide you with resources at the University of Dayton to support you in this ongoing journey.

Where would you like to start?

The Dialogue module will focus on how to have conversations and dialogue with people who may hold different political beliefs than you.

The Discerning your Call to Action module will take you through content and reflections designed to help you stay civically engaged beyond elections.


Created with an image by Caleb Fisher - "Washington, D.C. on July 4th, 2019"