The Repeat By: jayden holleran

Ever heard that history repeats itself? Keep that in mind. So way back when, my aunt had some trust issues and thought everyone was out to get her. Then she stole a bit of money from the family and ran away. We tried and tried to reach out to her but, she would not answer. A couple years later, I was about nine, she came back and said she was sorry, and we all thought she had changed and forgave her. Everything was just fine she visited us, was nice, and even got a new job. Then things started, they were small things but still things like, she would never keep promises, she started visiting less, and seemed more on edge.

A little while later, my parents said I couldn’t watch the Hunger Games unless I read the book, so I made this game with my aunt. It said that we would read the book together and she would call every week to see how far we were and talk about our favorite parts. The fun part was that whoever finished first got to choose the next book. When the first week came and she did not call I was really upset, it felt like my heart sank to my stomach. I kept reading and reading until the second week came, and she did not call. I was really upset so my mom said, “Don’t worry bud, she’ll call soon.” and a sense of relief washed over me.

The next time I saw her I asked what happened and she said that it won’t happen again and she had just been busy. The next week came and I decided to call her. She said that she had just started and did not want me to spoil anything, so I didn’t and hung up.

Then the next holiday came, I think it was Easter. We were all supposed to go to my grandmother’s house for a nice ham dinner. My family got there early so I waited for my aunt to arrive, I waited and waited and waited, so when she didn’t show up I was so upset that I didn’t even want to eat dinner. One day I overheard my mom talking with my grandmother on the phone, and she was talking about how she couldn’t believe how my aunt had lied about her job. Later I asked my mom about it and she explained that my aunt wasn’t the best person and how she had lied about having a new job.

A little more time passed and my aunt had been talking to us less and less. Finally I heard that she had stolen money from my grandmother and stopped going to visit all together. This went on for quite some time and my family kept trying to reach out to her, but with no success. I kept asking about her but, my mom wouldn’t answer. We visited her apartment once, but she wasn’t home so we left a note. One time my uncle, her brother, saw her at the grocery store and tried to confront her, but she completely evaded him and left immediately. Eventually she moved away to another state and completely cut us off on all social media and blocked our numbers. We kept inviting her to things, like birthday parties and holidays, but she would never come to them or respond. It has been about four years, to my memory, and we still have not heard from her and still do not know where she even is. I guess some people really don’t change.

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