In the era of smartphones, we have become familiar and supposedly dependent on the "intelligent" software apps known as Siri, Cortana, and GoogleNow. It is much easier to ask these digital assistants to set reminders, ask questions, or perform simple tasks on our phones. However, technology has remodelled this digital assistant into a new artificial intelligence assistant.


Cubic syncs with your Apple or Android phone, including other smart systems and performs tasks that aren't restricted to just your cellphone. By a simple voice command you can get cubic to adjust your house settings, email people, call a taxi, hear the weather, or do the most simple thing, talk. What's unique about Cubic is that, unlike Siri, Cortana, or GoogleNow, it will start and keep a conversation going whenever it has something to say.


Even though Cubic hasn't been released yet for the people to use, the company has had a huge response and many people can't wait to use it. In my opinion, I believe that Cubic will greatly impact media since it will broaden communication technology even more. Cubic can access systems and apps through someone's voice and perform tasks. People will become more dependant on this artificial intelligence robotic assistant. I think Cubic will be marketed/advertised a lot on social media once it starts trending. More and more people will be convinced to buy this artificial intelligence assistant, but I also believe other companies will figure out a way to further develop and modify this robotic assistant. Though the company is still fixing minor difficulties they're facing with Cubic, other companies might have already started to come up with an idea to create something better.


It is hard to believe communication technology has evolved so much over the years. To rely on a artificial intelligence robotic assistant is unbelievable, but I think it's very convenient. People are already dependant on their phones, but I think Cubic comes handy when you need someone's assistance.

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