The International students

The international have high expectations for some reason to be high achievers and people believe they are wealthy just because they are attending a school in a foreign country. People in addition believe the foreign exchange students should have the latest technology and expensive clothing.

I received a variety of answers on people's thoughts on the international students. Some things they said include: 1. "They are quiet and nice." 2. "They are outsiders." 3. They are typically quiet and don't go out of their way to talk to other people. 4. "They keep to their studies and do well in school. 5. When people think of the International students, they think of people who speak bad or poor English.

The possible disadvantages of being an international student include being ridiculed or mocked if you do in fact struggle with your English, being treated differently due to your culture. Although there are various bad thoughts on the international students, there are students who enjoy activities and learning about their diverse cultures through clubs or sports. I do think the international students would be considered lower on the social ladder because students and people make negative assumptions without even having a conversation.

I would categlorize myself as a chameleon because I don't really belong to one group. I'm friends with people in diverse social groups and do think other people would agree. I feel like other students expect me to be hanging out with different people all of the time. In addition I think people might think I don't fit in because I choose to hang out with multiple diverse groups of people. At times I feel a lot of tension because I think people judge me for not having one type of social group that I belong to and I think it definitely raises questions.

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