Freaking Imperialism By: Freaking Sherelle Khan

Okay kay so Imperialism by definition is: a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. The basic sum of it to me is if you don't do it my way, we are going to do it the hard way and ruin your life.

One Example of Imperialism is China and Zambia. Chinese immigrants were sent into Zambia to takeover. The reason these China peeps forced themselves into Zambia is because of their fantabulous natural resources. China was jelly they didn't have as good of a quality of resources like Zambia. Obviously the Zambia peeps didn't take it too kindly to people kicking them out of their own country. The Zambia peeps got triggered and started to attack/destroy the Chinese businesses.

Another example of Imperialism is the United States and Cuba. The U.S. didn't necessarily force themselves into Cuba but more like cut all ties with them. By the United States no longer making business with Cuba, that killed their economy. The U.S. also practically banned its citizens from traveling to Cuba or receiving any goods. When the U.S. decided to stop trading with Cuba, Cuba went downhill. Stopping all trade and not letting people visit Cuba is what Cuba considers so imperialistic about the United States.

Another example of imperialism would be Great Britain and India. By Great Britain taking over India it left some positive and negative impacts. Some of the positive impacts it left on India was that their roads, phones, etc. Improved. They had better things and lived somewhat of a better life. Some bad impacts it left was that India lost a lot of money. Britain just wanted to go to war with a bunch of people and spent a lot of money on weapons and such.

Lastly would be Europe and Africa. By Europe taking over Africa, Africa lost a lot of things. They lost their Independence for one. Slavery started up and the poor people were treated terribly. Europe completely took away their culture and started to imply their culture #Triggered. The Europeans bought all of their stuff for hecka cheap and sold them at sky high prices. They also traded a lot of things hoping to make better profits.


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