Cleveland State University By: Jessica Cantley

I picked this college because it is close to my home town. It races with a $500-million campus makeover that is sparking a downtown renaissance, It's the mantra that gives purpose to Cleveland State's mission of providing a contemporary and accessible education in the arts, sciences, humanities and professions, and conducting research, scholarship and creative activity across these branches of knowledge.
Mascot: Viking, Magnus
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location: 2121 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115
Julka Hall made a $6 million commitment in 2010 to support scholarships for teaching, nursing, engineering and computer science. The University is one the few in the region to offer a Ph.D. in nursing
The $50 million, nine-building project includes 278 apartments, as well as shops, restaurants and green spaces. It's ideal not only for students, but also for alumni, faculty, staff, young professionals and empty-nesters who want to live downtown.
Students: 17,260 ~ Male-Female ratio/percentages: 48 percent male students and 52 percent female ~ Transfer percent : 14% ~ Known for: #170 in Engineering Programs (doctorate)&acceptance rate of 91 percent ~ Partying: Alcohol is permitted for students of legal age ~ Their arts/music/theater: The Musical Theater Project (TMTP)&Cleveland Orchestra&Art History, Design, Studio Art ~ Sports: Women's?Men's basketball&Wresting&Track and field&Women's tennis&Football&Soccer&Baseball/Softball
Academics: Advising Center helps students develop a plan to achieve academic success. Advisors provide ongoing assistance with requirements and course selection, major and career exploration, petition assistance, graduation applications, and a host of other services and programs.
Undergraduates Majors: Business, Education and Human Services, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Sciences and Health Professions, Nursing ~ Graduates Majors: Biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Nonprofit Administration and Leadership, Physics, Psychology
I would be interested in business there because they have a wide variety of branches of business to take from Accounting to Economics and even marking, they aren't long classes to take and you only need a 3.00 GPA, so it would be great for me
Deadline of application: June 1 ~ Percentage of applicants admitted: 4,212 ~ Student GPA: 3.50 ~ Class rank: ACT scores: 21-24 /SAT scores: 1110-1130

EUCLID COMMONS: houses over 600 students


Euclid Commons provides the privacy and lifestyle you deserve in a student community that is conducive to achieving academic success.

FENN TOWER; The building houses up to 438 students. Fenn Tower provides the privacy and lifestyle you deserve in a student community that is conducive to achieving academic success. With a great location, fully furnished units, individual leases and much more, there is no reason to look elsewhere.
Application fee: A $40 non-refundable application fee is required with each ~ Tuition: $9,314 ~ Room;$8,600 and Board;$3,900 ~ Geand total: 4,818.00 (401.50 per credit hour) ~ Food plan cost: 1,670 ~ Meal plan: Traditional 19, 19 meal opportunities per week at Viking Marketplace plus $100 Dining Dollars to use at all dining locations.
All the activities students can do outside of class
Fun facts student Bridget Winter , Our mascot Magnes is such a flirt. During class changes, students like to bone rush everyone going to class to the point where students get knocked over. Hell, I got knocked over before. Our library has an asbestos problem prompting periodic shut downs of floors when levels of it gets high. Campus police are never around to help students, but sure enough bother homeless people who do nothing. The 4 to 3 credit conversion was a disaster. Students including myself like the bad coffee up there. There’s tons of nooks and crannies on campus for students to hide and study. Some of us study in bathrooms that come with couches in there, lol! Every beginning of the semester, we have fun activities going on-free food too. Don't be surprised if you use the bathrooms at CSU, a homeless guy is next to you taking a bath in the sinks.
As I researched Cleveland State University it was very eye-opening to me that there's way more to college then just going to get a degree there's thousands of opportunities to do more with your life. It cost a lot of money to go to college, you don't have to have the best test scores but you can't have the worst so right now as I'm in high school I have to work on my grades, that leads me to start saving up for college because my parents are always going to be there. I found out that it cost money not only to go to college but for all the other expenses that you need. I would be really interested in going to Cleveland State because it is close to my hometown and it seems very interesting. 

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