Adolf Hitler by: Seth Bennett

his parents names were Adios and Klara

Hitler was born on April 20 of 1889

when he was a child he dreamed of being an artist

after his mother died in 1908 he lived in the streets for four years

hitler was a geran solder during world war 1

he had 2 major injures during this war

he was ferries that Germany had surrendered

so there for he entered politices

in 1919, Hitler became the 55th member of a small antisemitic

Hitler soon became the party's leader

Over the next several years, Hitler often gave public speeches that gained him attention

In November 1923, Hitler attempt to take over the German government through a putsch

•When the coup failed, Hitler was caught and sentenced to five years in prison.

•It was while in Landsberg prison that Hitler wrote his book

•After only nine months he was released from prison.

•After getting out of prison Hitler was determined to build up the Nazi Party in order to take over the German government

•In 1932, Hitler was granted German citizenship.

•In 1932, Hitler was granted German citizenship.

and that made them the political leading party of Germany

on January 30 1933 Hitler was appointed the chancellor

•As dictator of Germany, Hitler wanted to increase and strengthen the German army as well as expand Germany's territory

•In March 1938, Hitler was able to annex Austria into Germany (called the Anschluss) without firing a single shot.

•When Nazi Germany attacked Poland on September 1, 1939, the other European nations could no longer stand idly

and this is when ww2 started

hitler thought that the jews were the reason that Germany lost ww1 so he was going to ''get back at them''

also he only like the blonde hair blue eyes so they were the only ones that he did not kill

he did not like any one with a disability

by doing this he was trying to create the super race

and his rain finally came to an end in 1945

he committed suicide

he was in a bunker with his wife

and he shot him self and Eva took cyanide


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