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As a Tech Team Director bringing my experience, both volunteer and professional, I will train and develop the techs I lead to be able to competently run audio/visual for services with a focus on quality and integrity.


Lead Technician - AM Fire and Electronics, Las Vegas, NV — 2016-Present

After three months working for AM Fire I began running a crew of four technicians, and scheduling the weeks work for that crew. After I passed my F-card test in October I began scheduling and running inspections for our customers. Providing on site training and troubleshooting I helped complete a project that was struggling for six months taking over as foreman and completing the job in a month and a half.

Title 1 SPTA IV - Jacobson elementary, Las Vegas, NV — 2015-2016

While working one-to-one and in groups with students I helped students adjust from non-compliance to compliance in working with other students and staff. Assisting students with computer programs online, and troubleshooting problems with computers in the classroom were part of my daily duties.

Behavior Interventionist - Puzzle pieces, Las Vegas, NV — March 2015-August 2015

Knowing that building a raport with the child was of the highest importance I began all sessions with each client taking interest in their interests. Using the raport I would build with these children from the first moment I met them I was able to gain compliance from them. This is not easy for parents to go through at first, but after the first month, meeting with the client twice a week, the mother began seeing the difference. After three months I was able to use the raport I had built with the child to have them listen to others without arguing or having a tantrum. After five months I did not have to give direction for the client to follow our schedule, the child would come to me, and was excited to begin.

Instructional Paraprofessional - Shasta Union High School District, Redding, CA — 2014-2015

Monitor students was the definition of my duties during the day, yet building a raport is what gave me credibility with the students. I built this by playing basketball with them, drawing pictures around them which brought them to me as they were curious, and asking them question that did not pertain to school or their responsibilities. By building a raport with the majority of the students I was able to make requests of them and they would follow through without the behavioral outbursts which were commonplace. Through being looked at as a mentor/authority figure I was successful in keeping the students focused on their work, and following school rules. This gave the teacher the ability to focus on teaching and not behavior management.

Instructional Assistant - Sequoia Middle School, Redding, CA — 2009-2014

In a 3.5 hour day I would make 225 copies of the various materials needed for the day (one sided to two sided, stapled, hole punched, or otherwise), send out faxes to the District office, mail letters for parents, and maintain the students behavior in the classroom and out. Building raport with the students I was able to keep six students on task while in general ed classrooms of 34 students, compared to their usual self contained classroom of 15 students. To this day the Teacher of that class, Mr. Diaz tells his new staff that I was the best assistant he has ever had.

Tech Team Director - City Church Redding, Redding, CA 2011-2013

Leading a team of eight volunteers I directed and supervised the audio and visual productions for weekly services at City Church Redding. Writing a training/reference manual I was able to provide a resource that had as of yet not been available for those in the Tech Team. Under my direction the team grew from three volunteers, to eight volunteers, and four consultants/specialists.

Audio/Visual Technician - City Church Redding, Redding, CA 2009-2011

Under the direction of the Worship Pastor I ran projection and stage management (setup and tear down) for weekly services, and ran sound for rehearsals. The rehearsals did not have a tech when I joined. Providing this necessary service the practice time dropped from 4-5 hours on Thursday nights, to 2 hours on Thursday nights giving the team less working hours and allowing them to rest for their designated services.

Educational assistant - Point Quest education, Sacramento, CA — 2007-2009

Picking up students and driving them to the school required that I kept them from eloping from the van, or from fighting one another. As routes and students would change from month to month this was a ever shifting balance. Through creating an environment of mutual respect I maintained my students through the ride to and from school, and on campus as well. A one-to-one student I worked with for three months transitioned from being one-to-one to joining the rest of the class and being able to take direction form other staff members.

Educational Aide - Keystone Schools/UHS, Carmichael, CA — 2005-2007

Assigned to one classroom, but having the unofficial title of Crisis Interventionist, I helped the other self contained classroom with extreme behavior. When the classroom would call for support I would be there in less than 30 seconds, assess the situation, and give aide where needed. By keeping my demeanor calm I was able to help deescalate students, and help them transition back into their normal schedules.


Lincoln Christian University - Bachelors in Business Administration, 2015-Present

GPA 3.83

University of Phoenix - Bachelors in Psychology, 2006-2008


Dean's List: Fall 2015, Spring 2016, and Fall 2016

Avid reader - both hardcopy and on Audible.

I enjoy poetry, reading and writing it

Amateur photography, drawing, and painting

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