Help! The earth is melting! By Santina wang

One day, Benjamin was at the beach with his family. It was a hot sunny day.
They took out their ice cream from the Esky. But once Ben held it in his hand, it started melting rapidly.
His favourite ice cream had melted all over his hand and shirt. Ben said "Why is it melting this quickly?"
Ben's father replied, "It is because the earth is melting, just like your ice cream is."
He then asked, "Why?" His father said, " There is an increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere because of greenhouse gases that are caused by pollution".
"It will gradually get hotter and hotter if we don't reduce pollution and greenhouse emissions!"
Ben said, "Then why don't we use less cars and ride more bicycles!"
His father said, "Good idea Ben, let's go buy another ice cream."


Created with images by woodleywonderworks - "Atlas, it's time for your bath" • desertdutchman - "A young boy dreams big dreams of what lies beyond" • m01229 - "Holey Cream - NYC" • blueMix - "child crying kid" • Michael 1952 - "Look Mommy" • Edmund Garman - "Waimanalo Beach Oahu" • oliver.dodd - "clear morning" • VicWJ - "Charentes-Mairtine 068" • kruziwuten - "thumbs up prima" • Joe Le Merou - "Waiting for the Sun"

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