Just The Paradise Until The Spaniards came

Who found the Philippines?

Ferdinand Magellan found the Philippines and also found his death
Ferdinand Magellan Landed In One Of This Landscapes
At this moment in time, the natives in what is now the Philippines were very primitive compared to the powerful Spaniards. At the beginning the natives were very receptive and welcoming.
Magellan set not very well the alliance between the natives, which caused his death

Magellan conquered whatever land he found. His first conquests were not as violent because Magellan was focusing mainly in converting the natives into Catholics. He first of all started by conquering "peacefully" the Datu Zulu´s island (Cebu nowadays) and he did not set good alliances. Then he went to another island, where the mortal enemy of Datu Zulu was waiting for them. When Magellan set foot in the island, they were attacked before they could flee away. Magellan and 14 other Spaniards died defending each other.

A Reconstruction Of Datu Zulu´s Enemy Leader
Five More Expeditions To The Philippines Were Sent After Magellan´s Expedition
In 1543, Ruz López De Villalobos named the islands they conquered the Philippines, after the king Philip of Spain.
The Catholic Crosses Where Put Everywhere To Make Sure That Everyone Turned Into Catholicism.
The Dutch Also Tried To Conquer The Philippines, But The Spanish Would Not Let Them Go So Easily, And Resulted In Full Retreat

The British Also Tried To Take Control Of The Philippines, With More Success, They Conquered Manila (Capital Of The Philippines), But The Spanish Forces Defended Hard So They Could Not Invade Fully. Bit By Bit The Britains Gained More Power And The Spaniards Started Vanishing From The Islands Until Britain Had Full Control Of The Philippines.

Just The Paradise
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