How to heal the envirromentes by diego toledo


Pollution is a problem be cause animals die ocono ayer breaks and does not bother us.we do not realize what a role can do to the planet.

The trees the plants are suffering because our polluted the planet do this by contaminating the air with the emo that leaves the factories, we also load the trees and plants because we pollute the water
The smoke from the factories is very polluting and damages the atmosphere and the air that we breathe and it affects to the corason.
The contamination of the water is very important because the fish eat the garbage and they die afisiado because they are left in the throat, the ones are trapped in plastic and its caparason is escacha and can die for that it is not necessary to throw trash to the street If not to the trash
We can help nature by not throwing plastic or glass bottles because it could cause many bad things


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