Stephen Herkov feeling good is good enough

Bio: Im halfway to 40 and trying to find my place in this world. I love Florida and have lived in Gainesville my whole life. I want to be a History Professor, it is my life goal to get my doctorate in history at UF and to eventually teach there. I enjoy camping, going to the beach, I love a good party and relaxing is my specialty.

Values: I value honesty and helping others. This class has taught me to value my time and to spend it productively. I value history above most other subjects. This guided me in choosing my major, as well as the books I read and activities I get involved in outside of school. keeping myself in shape has always been very important to me and now that my back injury is finally healing I can begin to run and exercise again.

Career Goals: My end goal is to be a History Professor at the University of Florida. in 5 years I plan on being a professor or just finishing up getting my doctorate.

Personal Goals: My goal is to become a more honest, hard working person who values the time of others as well as my own time and knows how to use it productively. I want to develop better study habits, and become a better overall student with a much more positive outlook on school and college in general. I want to start going to church more often with my family, as well as join the Greek Orthodox group at UF. Achieving these goals will hopefully make me feel more fulfilled in my life and help me feel healthy.

Mission Statement: Im going to study every night for each of my classes at least a hour to improve my study habits. Keeping a agenda/planner will help me keep up with my classes and it will help me stay organized with a full schedule. Also i will never hesitate to ask for help when I need it, so the situation doesn't spiral beyond my control.

The quote above is meaningful to me because of its simple elegance. Its a very short quote but it carries a lot of weight. In today's modern society we often trade our happiness and dont even realize it. this quote reminds us that above all we need to be happy; happy with our lives, our decisions and who we are as human beings, thats what is most important in life.

I chose this video because I am a master procrastinator. I will do anything to avoid doing work. In this video Tim Urban hits wasting time on the head and seeing this laid out like that in front of me really made me look at my own procrastination habits and it will help me improve on them.

French Polynesia

Flying into Bora Bora
Map of where I want to go
Lush jungle
"Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité"
  • Country name: French Polynesia
  • Size: 4,167 km2
  • Population: 285,735
  • Capital: Pape'ete
  • Language: French
  • Location: 17°34′S 149°36′W
  • Reason for visit: I consider this place one of the most beautiful places in the world. I want to explore the Jungles and swim in the crystal clear water. It is a place with so much untouched wildlife and nature to explore. My family is planning to go over the summer. i also want to hang out with the locals. I love learning about and observing other cultures. And the South Pacific has many unique cultures on its vast expanse of islands, French Polynesia, included. It is truly a treasure on earth and I want to see it very soon
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