Major religion By: Connor Sroka Miguel Araujo


Christianity is a religion founded from Judaism in Israel. The main prophet or messiah was Jesus who was born in Nazareth. In the range from 30 to 33 AD, Jesus was crucified. The holy book of Christianity is the Bible, the place of worship where the bible is read, is within a church a place of prayer. The Pope is seen as a major religious leader within Christianity. The two major sects of Christianity is Catholicism and Protestantism. The two biggest holidays with religious meanings in Christianity is Christmas, December 25th, and Easter which is April 16th. Why we celebrate Christmas isn't only for the sake of presents, it also is celebrated as the day Jesus was born. Easter is commemorated to the death of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.


The main prophet of Islam is Muhammad. Religion was founded in Israel and was based off of Christianity and Judaism. The book of worship is the Quran, Where this book is read is within a Mosque which is a place of worship in Islam. The religious leader is the Imam. The two major sects of Islam is Sunni and Shiite. Key Holidays of Islam is Eid Al-Fitr and Ramadan. They both are months of fasting and at the end a huge feast is prepared.


Judaism has no prophet or messiah but was founded by Abraham which is believed to be the first follower of Judaism. Judaism was born in Israel. It is the oldest of all religions and was the base of other religions. Major beliefs include a holy book which is the Torah. Where the Torah is read is at a Synagogue which is a place of worship within Judaism. A religious leader of Judaism is known as a Rabbi. Major sects of Judaism is Sadducees and Zealots. Key holidays or days of worship are Sabbath and Hanukkah. Hannukkah is celebrated as the day of lights, Sabbath is of day of worship which on Saturday of every week.


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