Sherrie and TT's Story Family 1011

Not long ago, single mom Sherrie and her 7-year-old daughter Ti’onnia (whom she affectionately calls “TT”) were living with Sherrie’s mother.

Single mom, Sherrie

But when Sherrie’s mother became disabled and moved to a nursing home, Sherrie and TT were left without a place to live.

7-year-old Ti’onnia (“TT”)

Recently, Sherrie and TT were chosen to receive public housing. They are so grateful to have a house again!

But their new home came without furnishings - no chairs to sit on, no tables to do homework at, and no soft, safe beds to lay their heads at night.

An empty home.

Sherrie and her sweet, shy little girl shared a single air mattress on the floor.

Then their social worker at Community Partners/Parent-Child Center referred Sherrie to Sweet Dream Makers.

At The Warehouse

Through our warehouse of 100% donated furniture, we were able to provide Sherrie and TT with

a like-new queen mattress set with a headboard and footboard, . . .
two dressers, housewares, . . .
Comfortable chairs, . . .
Tables, . . .
And more.

Watch this Video of Sherrie and TT at the Warehouse.

Finally, we gave them both the bedding they asked for, including an adorable pink and blue set for TT - her favorite colors!

Watch TT get her bedding:

Sherrie will be back as soon as she can save some money to rent a moving truck to get more essential furniture such as a sofa and dining table.

But for now, she is over the moon to have safe, comfortable beds for her and her daughter to sleep in.

TT with her pink and blue bedding.
"I am so grateful and blessed. Thank you Sweet Dream Makers!" - Sherrie, mother of TT
Sherrie and her beautiful new bed
TT now has a safe, comfortable place to read . . .
and a special place to call her very own.

Every year, Sweet Dream Makers receives more than 1,800 requests for assistance for families like Sherrie and TT right here in Palm Beach County.

A gift of just $250 can get one child into a bed of their own today.

Learn more about how we’re working to make sure every child in our community has a safe, clean, and appropriate place to rest their head. Visit our website at www.SweetDreamMakers.org

We won’t rest until every child has a bed of their own.
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