hello my name is Arshia Banijamaat,Today i'm going to be talking about an invasive species called Phragmites. Here are some questions i'm going to be answering ,such as, how it migrates,negative impacts ,and many more. FIRST im going to start with how it migrates.


The phragmite migrates by stolons which are stems that are connected to the the parent plant that grows along the soil surface and conform roots and shoots.THE phragmite also produces up to 2000 seeds per seed head per year.While seed viability is variable,recent research has revealed that phragmites spreads to new areas predominantly through seed dispersal. There still many more ways for the phragmite to migrate but i'm only going to tell you two.

negative impacts

THERE are many negative impacts about phragmites. For instance,non native phragmites can negatively affect the biodiversity and ecological function of invaded habitats, impair the recreational of wetlands and shorelines,decrease property values, and increase fire risk. THATS all the negative impacts about the phragmite. .

were you can find it

The phragmites can be found in many different areas such as, Ontario,Europe,and north america. THOSE are all the places were you can find pharagmites. Forth, how can you control it.

how to control

There are many ways to control the phragmite. For instance, invasive species that are new to an area do not generally have the same predation pressure that they would in there native habitat. There are no biological controls available for invasive phragmites but researchers to Cornell university in new York are investigating several insects for feasibility in future as biological control.

what kingdom,phylum,class,order,family, is the phragmites in

number 1 what kingdom is it in,it is in the plantae kingdom.number 2 what phylum is it in. it is in the tracheophyta. number 3 what class is it is in the liliopsida.number 4 what order is it is in cyberales. number 5 what family is it is in graineae.

the ending

Thats why the phragmites are magnificent.


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