S.O.A.R. The 4-Step Instant Freedom Formula

Think Bigger. Move Faster. Rise Higher.

Koni Scavella is the Leadership & Strategic Coach for Executives Seeking a Quantum Leap in Their Lives and Business in Half The Time. She is also a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Thought Leader on Advances in Human Consciousness.
Koni Scavella, Ph.D - Founder of Life Polish: The Leading Business Consultancy for Executives at the Pinnacle
Have you arrived at the life of your dreams?

Shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed within minutes.

Explore living as the highest expression of yourself with effortless ease.

Unleash greater confidence, vitality, clarity and creativity.

Dissolve the gap between the life you have and the one you want.
A captivating book filled with the latest medical, spiritual and scientific methods for achieving true freedom and instant happiness.
Realize greater peace, power, passion, purpose and lasting prosperity.
TranSform chaos into calmness...without compromising your ambition
The ultimate guide for living in harmony
Take a Look inside for some key principles frOm the Book...


The best solution for those who feel they are living on the ragged edge


"Any imbalance in your external world is simply a mirror of what is happening within you."

- Koni Scavella

A New Dance...

Learn the simple solution to regain balance and stop your life from whirling out of your control.

Good & Better

"There isn't a garden of good and evil when you are living in balance... only better and better."

- Koni Scavella

The Paradox...

How do we let go of attachments and still achieve all of our desires?

A Road Less Travelled...

Discover the new way to get where you want without having to follow an empty road to nowhere.



Shorten the seasons between planting the seeds of your dream and seeing it in full bloom.

- Koni Scavella

The Fall...

"Endless imbalance will always result in an eventual fall that leaves us empty...unless we change."

- Koni Scavella

Stumbling Blocks...

Remember...the brook will lose it's song if you remove the rock.


The Bridge...

No matter how fast you are going, you will come to a pivotal point in the journey where you must rest...and decide.


When you make the right connections, you will hear the right answers at the exact right time.


Tap into that Power greater than you which helps you stick to the road and accelerate life's hairpin turns.



"Take the straight and narrow path....and waste no time."

- Koni Scavella

Run Your Race...

A victorious life begins when you stop competing and comparing yourself with others.

Speed Counts....

How you well you perform matters, but not as much as how long it takes you to finish.

- Koni Scavella

Magic Moments...

You hold the greatest power and resource in the world -- use it wisely!

Higher Truth...

You cannot heal yourself from your present level of awareness.

Creative Genius...

Open up to a novel approach for permanent success.


This is the factor which truly defines your balance of power.



Grant yourself permission to get off the merry-go-round of life to enjoy peace, beauty and silence daily.


Walk away from the bonds of the perceptions of others to reveal your light.

- Koni Scavella


Exploring new opportunities makes you feel more alive and connected.


We need not toil when we work in harmony with our environment and take full responsibility for our role.

- Koni Scavella

Dark Night...

"There is no better sign that we are close to living in balance than when we feel our life is falling apart."

- Koni Scavella


Every moment we are given the opportunity to lead by example or become part of the collective.


Power, unlike force, never needs to take a stance. Truth, unlike falsehood, never needs to be defended.


"If we truly move from perfection to perfection, we are relieved of the burden of striving for it."

- Koni Scavella

Ready For True Freedom?

  • Are you drowning in a sea of endless external demands while suffocating in a shallow existence?
  • In all the madness, has life lost its meaning?
  • Do you ever feel like the farther ahead you get in business, the farther behind you get personally?
  • Would you like an instant solution for cleaning up what ever tears you down?
  • Imagine shifting out of sabotage toward significance and into the serenity of living at peace!
Then this book is for you...

Take Your Quantum Leap

Unlink Your Past From Your Potential. Rise Higher. Stay There.

Created By
Koni Scavella



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