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I took advanced art because I wanted to create and learn how to build different things out of clay

Carcoal project, Here is one of my most proud project´s. Last year I did a dog but this year i wanted to do a hawk. Last years and the year before wasn´t that good but i feel this is my best project.
This is another one of my project´s that i have finished and This is a painting of Avery´s eye. At first I thought her eye wouldn´t turn out good but her eye has turned out good.
Here I have tried to do water color with her eye but it didnt turn out as well I thought it would. I don´t regret doing any projects that I have done. Each one I learn something new that I didn´t know or learn about and I have showed myself with clay project creating new thing´s
Here is one of my pottery bowls that I did. There are 3 of them. Each one is different. they each are made different and have different designs on them.
This is a project that i have been working on for awhile now. I think what i have used during this project is being creative and just makin git my own. Just looking at different fox pictures to make it my own, I look at different fox pictures so I know how the feet or the nose or how the body is supposed to look. While working on this project I would have to say building the different body parts was the hardest thing to do because if you didn't make them right then they would look werid on the body and you had to make them fit just right or else they would look to small or big. I would like to have this done by tuesday. The only things I have left to do is the fox tail and to make it look like it has fur and to finish the eye's and finish his paws I have improved on Clay building because when I first started, I didn't think that it would be easy and didn't think that I coud this far. Or even do good on this type of project. What I have learned from building with clay is that it's hard and it's not as easy as it looks. And I have never build anything with clay and the progress with this make's me happy because its actually not taking as long as I thought it would. I'm pretty excited about getting him glazed and painted, What I would do different is really nothing. I would maybe change how i did his noise but other than that i wouldn't change a thing.
What I have learned while working with clay is that it can be challenging and nothing is easy as it may look. First i thought working with clay wouldnt take me that long it would omly take me maybe 2 weeks but I was wrong.Working on this project probably took me a month and 4 days. I'm excited to glaze it and paint on different colors and really make it look like a fox. When i first started to make my fox I realized it looked like a bear but working more and more on it only made it more and more looking like a bear but I finally got it to look like a fox and at one point I was about to cut him in half because I would get mad cause the foot or his "butt" was supposed to be a tail. But what I have learned from this is that learning to shape the clay in many different ways and learning to add and smear, cut the clay. The hardest part on the project was shaping it how I wanted it. I would have to add a little clay here and there and would have to cut out some here and there. And making sure that the clay would stay on an didn't fall off or break off. I'd say I got mad a couple times during this project. One for mant reasons it was something new also something that I would have to work awhile with. My goal is to finish atleast 3 projects by the time i graduate which gives me 1 month to do 3 projects. I think this deals with learning new skills. And I planned for this project and I also had to look up different foxes pictures. So I could get the side veiw and the front veiw.
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