Season of Life By jeffrey marx

The main character of the story is a former NFL star named "Joe Hermann" the book gives us a look into his life through a former ball boy turned reporter.
That former ball boy is Jeffrey Marx , he is also the author of the book. In this book he does a great job of documenting changes in one of his favorite players.
One big reason for Joe's change in character was the death of his little brother Billy from cancer.
Before the death of his brother , Joe was living the life people dream of, that of a professional athlete with no worries at all.
One of the changes Joe made after his brother's death was giving up his party life and becoming a ordained pastor.
After his playing career ended , he became a high school football coach ,at one of the top schools in the state of Maryland.
After his retirement Joe started to consider many things about life. Like what it means to be a man. He also had thoughts of how his upbringing had a impact on his life.
These thoughts had a great impact on his coaching style. It was very effective, because of the great success the team had.
Because of his great success he did a lot more public speaking. Mostly to other coaches, who wanted to steal some of his ideas. They were surprised with his speeches being about manhood and not just football.
My book is about a guy making a change in his life. That some good can come out a bad situation , also that people can use there position to effect lives.



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