Kyler Blaylock My life

Favorite food theres alot


Stone baked pizza

Chicken Alfredo

Anything with peanut butter

My family

My grandpa, My two brothers Aaron who is the oldest, Steven who it the middle child and me, My two nephews Konner who is ten , Linkin who is two and my niece Brooklyn who is five.


Some of my hobbies include going fourwheeling in the sand dunes, voulnteering as a Mini Medic over in moundridge, Rock crawling in the jeep and hunting. My favorite place to visit is Nashville Tennessee . Also hanging out with Jon we have been together for three years.

Accomplishment that made me proud

I have heart problems so my left side of my heart doesn't work with the right side. To give you a feel of what that is like would be like this everyone gets a little nervous presenting so your heart rate would go up a normal person heart like probably all of yours would only go up to about 90 beats per minute in my case it would jump all the way up to 160 beats per minute easily. A accomplishment That I have achieved is getting to finally be able to do sports and workouts without having to stop and to be able to do marching band.

Favorite quote

This is one of the things I live by because I believe it is always important to be who you are.

Extra curricular activity

Im in band I play the flute. Last year I was in top band and got a one on my solo. I am in top band again this year I even moved up a chair and am preparing a solo again.


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