It All Began in a Garden St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, Metchosin BC

Since 1873 this beautiful little church has played an important role in the community of Metchosin, B.C. While regular services are now held in a new location the congregation maintain the original church for special services as well as the grounds of this historical site.

It is a glorious sight when the fawn lilies carpet the grounds of the churchyard. I was thrilled to find that the annual bloom was in full display when we were visiting nearby. My sister-in-law, who is a member of the church says the men, who volunteer to maintain the property are given strict instructions not to mow while the lilies are in bloom. I am so very glad they follow instructions lest I and the surrounding community miss this wonderful display.

Sprinkled among the fawn lilies you will find scilla, grape hyacinth, shootings stars and english bluebells, tho the bluebells are considered unwelcome guests as they are not native and highly invasive.

This image of the original church was taken during another visit - one that had no eruption of blossoms.

Thank you for joining me on this visit to the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin in Metchosin B.C.

Created By
Cathy Bennington


C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography